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Intro To Impregnation

Intro To Impregnation
Release Year: 2021
Studio: PureTaboo
Cast: Christy Love
Genres: All Sex, Blowjob, Hardcore, Role Play
Video language: English
Family roleplay screne. Lillian (christy love) is at home on the phone with a fertility clinic. She is upset that they haven't been able to get her pregnant and that her options are dwindling. The clinic suggests that she considers being impregnated by a trusted man in her life, which outrages her.
'y-you... How dare you?! No, i haven't 'considered insemination by any man i know personally' -- i'm a lesbian, you homophobic prick! Fuck you, i'm done with you and your scam of a clinic...!' Lillian says angrily. Hanging up the phone in disgust, lillian collapses, breaking down and sobbing.
Lillian is a teacher, so the next day, she goes into school. Sitting at her desk, wracked with uncertainty about her situation, she finally spots a yearbook and gets an idea. Lillian looks through the yearbook, considering seducing a male faculty member, but the options disgust her. She then decides on seducing a male student, codey.
Lillian calls codey. Claiming that there was a problem with the last test he took, she asks him to come to see her the next day. He agrees.

Format: mp4
Duration: 42:31
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4360kbps
Audio: 187kbps
Intro To Impregnation Intro To Impregnation
Intro To Impregnation Intro To Impregnation Intro To Impregnation
File size: 1.4 GB


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