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Screams and Growls

Screams and Growls
In all the years and all the times we have shot Hollie, I have never worked with her...And I was looking forward to it...Another juggernaut submissive to unleash myself upon...Newbies are fun, but it is truly a pleasure to Dom models like Hollie...the vibe is calm and mellow as I blindfold her for inspection...by the end of that scene, Hollie is hanging from her wrists in a state of anxiety....and that's where I keep her...You have to realize that Hollie is not a small and fragile woman...her stature is as impressive as is her natural beauty...I keep this in mind as I rope her to two small stools...no arms or legs to get in the way...and I pull her head back as well...Poor Hollie scarcely gets a warm up as I begin with floggers...then a single tail, snapping points on her inner thighs and tits...that's a good test for my rigging...at times, she bucks like a wild animal...very entertaining as long as the ropes hold...and they do...then I give her the chance to cum and she takes it...the third scene features more ultra tight bondage and ass impact and I once again end it with a single tail...In the last scene I basically descend into madness and take Hollie with me...so desperate and upset that our time together will soon end, I keep her bound to a chair, groping and fingering her pussy gratuitously...I shoot rubber bands at her bound body...point blank, at her pussy...I pull her off the ground and use her for moving target practice with my whips...I revel in her screams and growls....as you should.

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Screams and Growls Screams and Growls
Screams and Growls Screams and Growls Screams and Growls
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