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This is, in my opinion, a great piece that is worth serious study by double bassists everywhere. I also performed this work several years ago you can here my vastly inferior rendition here , and it was a real treat to work up.

Allemande 3Courante 4. Sarabande 5. Gavottes 1 et 2 6. Jason Heath is the host of Contrabass Conversations, a podcast devoted to exploring music and ideas associated with the double bass.

His blog and podcast are highly regarded in the music world and have been featured as top offerings in the world of arts and culture for the past decade. An active double bass performer and teacher, Jason is a member of the Board of Directors for the International Society of Bassists. I have just discovered your site a few days ago and am already enthralled by the amount of valuble information a bass player can find here. After having lived in France for such a long time, I think that it is important to share it all of these links and such with my fellow American collegues.

I enclose a simple translation of the accompanying preface written by Christophe, to help you better understand the reasons he recorded this full version of the Fryba. These recordings are selections made during practice sessions and have been put together without editing.

In spite of their authenticity; they are on no account to be considered of professional quality. Thanks to everybody involved in making this available! If my guess is about correct, that would make Fryba a contemporary of Casals, whose interpretations of the Cello Suites differ quite dramatically from the way this music is being performed nowadays. It is difficult to find any info on him directly. I too have worked on it for years, and I admit that Christophe surely plays it the way it should be played.

They are nevertheless important to have as part of our collection. Hi Benjy, thanks for the feedback and extra information on Fryba. My sheet music dealer sent me two thirds of my order today. I like its plausible use of odd meters and its overall use of challenging rhythmic devices, so that — all things considered — it appears to be given the time and context an honest approximation of Arabic styles by a dyed-in-the-wool European virtuoso. Coming back to the Fryba suite, I found another recording of that piece only this afternoon.

Thanks for your responses to my latest uploads Rainer, especially the one about polishing fingerboards. You would be interested to know that I was a former member of the Toulouse Chamber Orchestra back in The group officially began in and was comprised of 11 strings with only 1 bass.

The original bassist, Jean Cros, died 2 years ago at the age of and 4 months. He asked me to come and study with him that summer we were only 8 back then! Lastly, it would be nice if Christophe Dinault knew that his recording has been heard by the readers of this site, and that people are talking about him! I have never really personally met him. Benjy, thanks a lot for even more information — and great stories, too! Those must have been fantastic days — a bunch of no more than eight students gathering around Rabbath… I assume all of you had the time of your lives?

I was absolutely taken aback by the fact that, you, too, have never even met Christophe Dinaut in person. Other than a brief mention of his compositions — dead silence. It would certainly be nice to be able to get in touch with Christophe. I really enjoy his playing of the Fryba Suite. I have always liked this piece a lot—I did it on a recital about four years ago, and I play select movement of it from time to time for different occasions.

Thank you so much. I am a student from Tauwan. I discovered your blog by reading a magzine. There is an article about you. I am preparing the college entrance exam. And this will help me so much. This blog is sponsored by a variety of companies. Any paid sponsorships for specific content will be disclosed in the relevant post. Sponsorships for the overall site are displayed in the sidebar and in the text area for relevant posts. Subscribe to get our weekly newsletter covering the double bass world.

Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address. Next On Overdue Rehairs. About The Author. Jason Jason Heath is the host of Contrabass Conversations, a podcast devoted to exploring music and ideas associated with the double bass.

Benjy on May 2, at am. Thanks for posting this Jason! Happy listening! Christophe Dinaut. Benjy on May 11, at pm. Thanks for the excellent and enthusiastic feedback Rainer! Benjy on May 12, at pm. Jason Heath on May 14, at pm. Amanda on February 15, at pm. Very nice playing. Noel on May 22, at pm. Supported by. Disclaimer This blog is sponsored by a variety of companies.


17) Hans Fryba - Suite in the Olden Style for solo double bass



Christophe Dinaut plays the Hans Fryba Suite


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