At FCI, we believe that customer satisfaction comes first, so we offer you. Complete Line. We have the broadest selection of the highest quality connectors, installation tools and accessories of anyone in the industry. Dedicated Sales Force. On Time Delivery. Technical Assistance.

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T ooling. MD6 Hotstick Tools. PA TV. GP10 Psi. Hydraulic Hoses. The benefits of compression are many, how- ever, probably the most significant benefit is reliability. It rep- resents the one area that leads to economical installations that will endure for the life of the installation. We designed and produced the first self contained hydraulic compression electrical connector installation tool in Tools found to be defective without abuse or misuse will be repaired free of charge.

Pumps found to be defective without abuse or misuse will be repaired free of charge. Hydraulic pumps hand, foot, electric and gas- oline are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one 1 year from date of shipment.

Any tool sent in for repair that is in working con- dition and under warranty will be reconditioned once for no charge. FCI expressly disclaims any and all express or implied warranties other than the warranty of its title to goods and the war- ranty hereinabove set forth.

Such disclaimer includes, without limitation, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and warranty of merchantable quality. Non-warranty repair charges are set at levels which maximize the value of your tool invest- ment for the long term.

If the catalog number is not listed in the tool repair price list, it may be obsolete and parts may be unavailable. Contact factory for repair or replacement of these tools. A nominal additional charge applies for the service. Requests for repair charges before work is done must be stated on the purchase order. FCI pays for the return freight, same surface freight as received. Air freight returns will be returned same way collect for non-warranty repair and prepaid for warranty repairs.

This policy supercedes all previous policies and is in effect February 1, Features and Benefits. W arranty. The insulation is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. Catalog Number. Included in 9 pc. Tool Kit. Included in 29 pc. Cable Cutting. Cutting Pliers. Needle Nose. Water Pump. Slip Joint. Wire Stripper.

Wire Stripper for AWG. Hex Wrench. Piece Insulated. Electricians Tool Kit. Piece Insulated Tool Kit. Piece Tool Pouch pouch only. T ool Box box only. Each tool should be inspected prior to use for cuts, cracks, or other damage before and after each use. If the yellow insulation becomes visible through the orange outer layer, the tool should be removed from service immediately. Always use all appropriate personal protective equipment.

Whenever possible, de-energize lines and equipment prior to working on or around them. Hand-held plier type tool that will install 22 AWG nylon insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices, with a precision machined wire cutter for aluminum and cop- per wire in the nose of the tool.

Long handles provide greater mechanical advantage. Also available in con- venience package as catalog number. Easy wire cutting with precision machined cutting blade. Sav e time, money and lower installed costs. Easy tool operation out of the carton.

No need to break in the tool prior to actual usage. W eight:. Y AD-F. TYPE Y Hand-held plier type tool to install A WG insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices with a wire cutter in the nose of the tool. Will strip AWG wire and cut common size mild steel and non-ferrous screws. Also available in convenience package as RK One step stripping. Hand-held full cycle ratchet tool for A WG uninsulated terminals and splices. Full cycle feature builds in reliability and removes the human factor from the finished instal- lation.

Groo ve. Once started the ratchet mechanism does not allow the handles to be opened until after the full ratcheting cycle is completed. This provides for a completed crimp before a connector can be removed from the tool. The MR8- and MRseries of tools are specifically designed with the ratchet mechanism completely inside the body of the tool without a path to reach and defeat the mechanism.

This permits the tools to be used in the most critical applications including nuclear-class 1E terminations, heavy duty industrial, utility generation, OEM, aircraft, and other applications where a dependable electrical termination is needed. B ULK. T OOL. Copper Cable. Cable Str. AWG Cable. TP, SP. BA, BS. YAV, T. Terminals and Splices. Once started the ratchet mechanism does not allow the handles to be opened until after the full ratcheting cycle is completed, unless the user actuates the emergency release lever.

Wire Range:. Vinyl Terminals. Vinyl Splices. Nylon Terminals. Nylon Splices. Y AES. Y AES-F. MR20 Uninsulated Terminals and Splices. T erminals. Hand-held full cycle ratchet tool for AWG uninsulated terminals and splices. Full cycle feature builds in reliability and removes the human factor from the completed installation.

Long handles provide greater leverage. Te r minals. Y A-L. The color coded die wheel rotates to provide a proper match of the die and color coded connector. The die index is embossed on the crimped connector for permanent inspectability. A ratchet mechanism assures the tool must complete a full cycle before releasing.

Cu Lug and Splice Connectors. Wire Size. Y A8C-. Kit Contains:. Sturdy Metal Carrying Case Te r minals:.


Burndy - catalogo

Customer Service Dept. Type YGIB. Basic rules for selection are: 1. Must be like material to the conductor. Two bolts to ground rod —— minimum, for mechanical. Cable to cable connections can be installed with — one bolt, two bolt, or compression. Cable to steel structure must have 8 in.


Burndy Master Catalog



2003 Burndy Master Catalog


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