Quick Links. See also: Service Manual. Heavily soiled, hard-wearing cotton and linen fabrics bedlinen, table linen,. Normally soiled bed linen, table linen and underwear, towels, shirts etc.

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Manual zz. Open the tap. Close the door. Pour a small amount of detergent about 30 ml into the detergent dispenser. Select a short wash programme see programme chart. Colours Separate coloured and white articles. Wash new coloured articles separately. Size Wash items of different sizes in the same load to improve washing efficiency and distribution in the drum. Delicates Wash delicates separately: Use a special programme for Wool , curtains and other delicates.

Always remove curtain glides or wash curtains with the glides inside a cotton bag. Use the special program for handwash fabrics. Wash small articles e. Prepare the laundry Open the door Load the laundry and close the door Choose and measure out the detergent and additives Empty all pockets Coins, safety pins and similar items can damage your laundry and the appliance drum. Closures Close zips and hooks and eyes; loose belts or ribbons should be tied together.

Stain removal Blood, milk, egg etc. To remove red wine, coffee, tea, grass and fruit stains etc. Particularly stubborn stains can be treated with stain remover before the wash. Dyeing and Bleaching Commercially available products usually consist of a dye colour, fixing agent and salt. Pour the dye colour, the fixing agent and then the salt directly into the empty drum.

Load the laundry only afterwards. Use exclusively dyes and bleaches recommended for washing machines. Plastic and rubber components of the machine can be stained by dyes. Make sure that all zips are closed and pockets are empty. Make sure there are no cigarette lighters among the items. Turn the items of clothing inside out. To open the door press the button inside the handle and pull.

If the child lock is active, deactivate it. For optimal washing results, place items loosely into the washing machine. The type of detergent depends on: The type of fabric cottons, synthetics, delicates, wool - when washing woollens remember to use a detergent suitable for woollens , the colour, the washing temperature, the degree and type of soiling.

Dosage Follow the dosage recommendations on the detergent pack. For the water hardness in your area, you can request information from the water company. Soft water requires less detergent than hard water refer to the water hardness table in the operating instructions. To select the programme, turn the knob. The corresponding symbol will appear on the display.

Select the desired special options Select an option by pressing the corresponding button. Press the button again to cancel the option. Selecting any option the indication lights up. When the combination of programme, additional options and temperature is not possible, the indication lights switch off automatically. Unsuitable combinations of options are deselected automatically. Switch on the appliance Programme end — Unload the laundry Switch off the appliance Black process The current stage of the programme is shown on the display.

The Start button switches off at the end of the wash cycle. Check functions. Turn off the tap. Open the door and unload the machine. Leave the door ajar to allow the drum to dry out. L — 5,0 — Drain and spin. L L L — — 1,0 Curtains and delicate clothing, dresses skirts, shirts and blouses. Averagely to lightly soiled cottons, bed linen, table linen, underwear, towels, shirts, etc. A spin cycle is carried out at the end of this programme. The appliance will not start, the Start button is not blinking: Check whether If not, open the tap and press the Start button.

Note: Too much detergent can result in excess foam formation, which reduces washing efficiency. If the appliance detects excessive foam it may prevent spinning. Insufficient detergent may result in grey laundry, deposits on the drum, tub and heater. To prevent dispensing problems when using highly concentrated powder and liquid detergents, use the special detergent ball or bag supplied with the detergent and place it inside the drum.

Whitish residues on dark fabrics are caused by insoluble compounds used in modern phosphate-free powder detergents. If this occurs, shake or brush out the fabric or use liquid detergents. Keep detergents and additives in a dry place and out of reach of children.

Use only detergents and additives specifically produced for domestic washing machines. If you use descaling agents, dyes or bleaches, make sure they are suitable for washing machine use. Descaler could contain components that can attack parts of your washing machine.

Do not use any solvents e. Do not machine wash fabrics that have been treated with solvents or flammable liquids. Check whether: The appliance has an imbalance detection and correction system. If individual heavy articles are loaded bathmat, bathrobe, etc.

Ensure correct amount of detergent is used. The tap is turned on completely. Kinks are present in water hose. The water hose filter is clogged. The water hose is frozen up. The After-Sales Service sticker is on the right side of the open door. Black process Start Delay Delays the start of the wash cycle by 1 to 16 hours. Each time the button is pressed, the start of the wash cycle is delayed by 1 hour.

Prewash Only for heavily soiled laundry e. Programmes with Prewash last approx. Intensive rinse button More water and a longer time in rinse cycle is added. The intensive rinse function is especially suitable for areas with particularly soft water, for baby clothes and to help people with allergies.

Easy Ironing Can be used together with Cotton and Synthetic programmes to make ironing easier. Spin Every programme has an automatic predefined maximum spin speed. Press the button to select a different spin speed. The water is drained out only. Quick wash For quick, economical washes. Especially suitable for small, lightly soiled loads.

This option can be used with Cotton and Synthetic programmes. Selecting this function allows you to shorten the wash cycle time depending on the temperature.

Note: reduce the detergent quantity. Start button When you press this button, it lights up and the wash cycle starts. At the end of the wash cycle the light will turn off and END will appear on the display. Select the new programme with temperature , any options and another spin speed if you want.

Display Shows the wash cycle sequence. Consumption values were measured in normalized conditions in compliance with Standard IEC 60 Consumption data in the home may vary with respect to the values in the table in relation to the water supply pressure and temperature, the load and the type of wash.

Instructions for use AWM Instructions for use AWO - Migros. Instructions for use WAE Instructions for use AWM - Migros. Instructions for use WA


Whirlpool AWZ 410 Command Manual

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