Para The sky was clear and the stars alight. The night was receding yielding space to dawn. A man in the throes of death reminisces about his happy times to draw comfort.

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Ali was a shikari hunter for the majority of his life span. Ali had a daughter, Miriam, but he had paid no attention to his family it seems. Ali was a man without feelings. The only emotion he had was the trill of kill. Ali had no idea where she was. All that he knew was that she was somewhere in Punjab. Ali was uneducated so he had no way to get in touch with Miriam. Since that day, Ali went to post office, far away, and waited for a letter from his Miriam.

He thought that Miriam would write him a letter. Years passed. Ali grew older and weaker. By this time, people who knew him laughed at the old man. Some postmen, even without a letter for Ali, called his name out to see his excitement. When Ali came for the letter, they laughed at him. Five years passed.

Ali could not walk any more. One day Ali stopped one of the postmen. His name was Lakshmidas. Lakshmidas agreed and asked him for his address. Three months passed. One night, the postmaster was waiting for a letter from his home. The whole night the postmaster worried about his daughter and in the early morning a pile of letters arrived by train. When the letters were brought in, the postmaster searched for his letter. He picked one expecting it to be his, but in the next moment, he dropped it.

It was a letter Ali! The post master felt shocked at this. It was a cruel coincidence. The Letter by Dumaketu tells about two fathers and their desperate wait for a letter from their daughters. Two fathers. Ali was the first one. He was a hunter by profession and by instinct.

He got so much involved with hunting that he failed to get his only daughter Miriam married at the right time. One day she eloped to Punjab with a soldier whom she loved and left no trace of her behind. Ali could not take this separation. He stopped hunting since then and unfailingly visited the distant post office hoping to receive a letter from Miriam.

Baba, I am very much shattered and shaken. I am now lonely except for Hassan and Amir, my two sons, one three years and the other two. You will be very sad to be told that my loving husband has been killed in a cross boarder attack at Kargil.

He has been killed and buried a week since. In fact we were all packing to come to Gujrat to meet you when he was called on emergency. Muhmmad had been greatly excited about this vacation but Allah, as I told you, disposes our plans.

Baba, I hope you will receive me back with my two kids. We will reach Vapi Station on 12 of this month. Please receive us at the station. Your Daughter Miriam. Excerpts with Explanation Till at last it was as impossible for him to pass a day without hunting as it is for the opium-eater to forgo his daily portion.

That, now, forgetting his sport, he would become lost in the admiration of the green cornfield… The clerk, like a worshiper of Vishnu, repeated his customary thousand names. In the old days he committed many sins; and may be he shed some blood within sacred precints and is paying for it now. Another who never ceased declaiming poetry… And everyone in the post office began to talk of lunacy. He gives live classes on Skype and Facebook. His Contact number is 91 How to disable?

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The Letter – Dhumaketu

The central character in this story is Ali who used to be a hunter in his days of youth. He used to be a skilled hunter and many said that it was because of his brutality on the poor animals that God had punished him and he was leading a lonely life in old age. Whatever be the reason, the poor man was in the habit of visiting the village post office every day. He would start for the post office quite early at the time of day break. He would walk to the post office when the entire town was asleep and the dogs were barking on the path. He would visit the post office like it was his Mecca.


Summary and Analysis of The Letter by Dhumaketu

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The Letter by Dhumaketu


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