I built my first power amplifier when I was still in secondary school. The circuit was made of transistors, didn't provide much power and had an ugly PCB. Both circuits worked well for almost a decade but the old amplifier was never up to my expectations. In I decided that it was time to build a real power amplifier, this time based on an integrated circuit to reduce the number of external components and cost. All Rights Reserved. The single supply voltage simplifies the power supply design and allows the use of pre-built units.

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HiFi or High fidelity is a term used to indicate equipment that reproduces a high quality of sound. Hifi amplifiers are known to create sounds with utmost clarity so it is a dream of all music lovers to get their hands on one. Of course, it is not just the amplifier that is required to get a no-noise sound output.

But our project here only involves making the amplifier part ie, amplifier circuit. This is a quite simple and robust circuit using only very few components. Being this small makes the circuit ideal for a portable power amplifier.

This IC is specially designed for mains fed amplifier circuits such as stereo radio, tape and television. This prevents click sounds during power on and power off. We have more Audio Circuits in our website, that you may like to read;. Low Cost Amplifier. Sound Shifter Circuit.

Speech Amplifier Circuit. Hi if i just use normal 12v — 1A power supply adapter. Will it work without giving noise. I add potentiometer but nothing happens to make hum sound low. Can you please help me???? I am tried this amp. But it sound is not clear it continous cracking. So help how can i overcome it. This Ranjan from bangladesh.. This is good for about 7Wrms into 8ohms with a 12V supply. With a 16V split supply, this chip makes 12W into 8 ohms at.

Definately need a 4 sq in or larger heatsink. Author admin. Frequency counter using arduino February 19, Motor speed control using arduino June 12, Chin 6 years ago. Sym 7 years ago. Ranjan 6 years ago. Jonathan 9 years ago. Submit Type above and press Enter to search. Press Esc to cancel.


Hi Fi Amplifier circuit


ABNT 10015 PDF

Stereo Audio Amplifier with TDA2616


AWE 6516 PDF

TDA2616 Datasheet PDF


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