Learn how to send and receive SMS and how to make and receive phone calls with Arduino. You can use the preceding links or go directly to MakerAdvisor. By GSM we mean 2G. We recommend that you use a prepaid plan or a plan with unlimited SMS for testing purposes.

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SIMA is a 68 terminal device as shown in pin diagram. We will describe the function of each pin below. The user should keep pressing the key for a short time when power on or power off the system because the system need margin time in order to assert the software. Right Channel input [External line inputs are available to directly mix or multiplex externally generated analog signals such as polyphonic tones from an external melody IC or music generated by an FM tuner IC or module.

Current output for backup battery when the main battery is present and the backup battery is in low voltage state. Three VBAT pins are dedicated to connect the supply voltage.

It must be able to provide sufficient current in a transmit burst which typically rises to 2A. For understanding the usage of the module let us consider a simple application circuit as shown below.

The data is sent to the module or received from the module though UART interface. And the power source should be able to deliver a peak current of 2A. The UART interface is established as shown in figure. The ground of controller and module must be connected for voltage reference. After all connections are done,we need to write a program for the microcontroller to exchange data with module.

Since data exchange sequence between controller and module is really complex we will use libraries prewritten for the module. You can download libraries for controller or module through their websites. Using these libraries makes the communication easy. All you need to do is download these libraries and call them in programs. Once the header file is included, you can use simple commands in the program to tell the controller to send or receive data. The controller sendsthe data to the module through UART Interface based on protocol setup in libraries.

The module sends this data to another GSM user using cellular network. If the module receives any data from the cellular network or another GSM user it will transmit it to controller through UART serial communication. Subscribe to stay updated with industry's latest Electronics components and news. The SIMA can search the two frequency bands automatically. The frequency bands also can be set by AT command.

This way we can use GSMA module to establish cellular connection. Component Datasheet. Tags GSM. Get Our Weekly Newsletter! Current input for RTC when the battery is not supplied for the system.


Guide to SIM900 GSM GPRS Shield with Arduino




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