Sociology: A Global Introduction is the most complete learning resource for introductory sociology students across Europe. Written in a lively and engaging way, the new edition of this popular text will engage, excite and challenge students - encouraging them to understand core topics, critique existing arguments, move to the cutting edge and read further around the subject. Of particular significance is the book's global perspective, looking at traditional, modern and postmodern society in a wider multicultural environment. Sociology: a global introduction represents a unique and complete learning resource for sociology students worldwide.

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Sociology : A Global Introduction. John J. Macionis , Kenneth Plummer. Third edition Sociology A Global IntroductionSociology: a global introduction represents a unique and complete learning resource for sociology students worldwide. International in outlook and culturally wide-ranging, it addresses the fundamental issue of how the modern world may be dramatically changing. Key features Sociology is made immediate and real, through diverse examples, illustration and statistical evidence A story is told.

Consolidating previous editions' successful organisation, a broad picture of societies and cultures developing over time is painted. The globalised world order of today is shown in its richness full of contradiction, inequality and achievement. Cutting-edge coverage and argument, firmly grounded in topical issues and current debates, bring the subject to life, engaging, exciting and challenging the reader A range of in-text features encourages students to identify core themes and theories, critique arguments, compare and contrast, and investigate further.

Extensive supplementary resources for lecturer and students assist and enrich teaching and learning New to this edition Fully updated to include latest debates and recent data New material on sport, disability and youth culture More on globalisation, consumption, identity and the body New 'Research in Action' feature presents methodology in context.

The sociological perspective in everyday life. The Sociological Imagination. Sociologists look to the future. Thinking Sociologically Thinking Globally. Taking stock and looking ahead.

The fountain of ageing. Economies Work and Consumption. The story of an eightyearold agricultural worker. Power Governance and Social Movements. What is a sociological truth? Matters of epistemology. Making sense of sociological data. Ethical political and policy questions.

Changing patterns of society. Technology and the changing status of women. Explaining modern industrial society. The alienation of work. The contemporary shape of world societies. Youth cultural styles. Understanding culture. From culture to cultural studies. Social Networks and the rise of the network society.

Groups Organisations and the Rise of the Network. Criticalthinking questions. Becoming biographies? Two theories of socialisation. Erving Goffman and drama. The dramatic world of Erving Goffman Disability interaction and facial disfigurement.

What is social stratification? Are the rich worth what they earn? Global Inequalities and Poverty. Who are the global poor? What the poor say. Will the world starve? Class Poverty and Welfare in the UK. The nature of social class. Layers of social class in the UK. What a difference a class makes.

The Death of Class debate. Racism Ethnicities and Migration. Explaining racism. Islamic fundamentalists. Living through ethnic cleansing. Ethnicity in the UK. The future of ethnic relations. The Gender Order and Sexualities. Sexuality and stratification. Feminism and the politics of pornography. Children and Later Life. The voices of child soldiers. The social implications of ageing. Gender and power. A new politics in the twentyfirst century? Control Crime and Deviance.

The social and global shapes of crime. Changes in social control. Explaining crime and deviance. The JackRoller and criminological life stories. Families Households and Personal Cultures. Family and history. Practices of family life. Religion and Belief. What is religion. Religion in Europe. Global education and literacy. Social divisions and schooling. Some current issues in education. Health and Medicine.

What is health? Some social links to illness. Understanding health and medicine. Disability theory. The globalisation of the media. Science Cyberspace and the Risk Society. The computer revolution and the information society. Populations Cities and the Shape of Things. History and theory of population growth. The rise of the modern industrial city. Social Change and the Environment. Sociology and the natural environment. The social practices of degrading the environment.

Capitalism and the environment. Globalisation revisited. Subject index Looking ahead. PART 3. World obesity. The Mass Media.


Sociology: a global introduction

Introducing sociology -- The sociological imagination -- Thinking sociologically, thinking globally -- Studying the social: an introduction to sociological method -- Interlude 1: researching sport Reference details. Open print view. View on Google Maps. View library.


Sociology: A Global Introduction, 5th Edition

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Sociology A Global Introduction : (Euro Edn)

View larger. Buy this product. Request digital exam copy. Request print sample. Download instructor resources. Alternative formats. Sociology: a global introduction represents a uniquely co-ordinated and complete learning resource for sociology students worldwide.

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