ISBN The German publishing house Wolke Verlag has published their second book dedicated to the programming environment Pure Data Pd. After the first book bang , a collection of technical and philosophical essays, the series is now continued with loadbang. The author Johannes Kreidler believes in learning by hearing rather than studying dry formulas. Each of the numerous topics is first introduced in theory, defining the technical concepts and introducing new elements of the Pd language needed to deal with these concepts. These are then implemented in a number of small applications, showing the reader how to use the ideas in practice and inviting them to experiment within the new environment.

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Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. I think the difference is [initbang] is banged when loading is started, and [loadbang] is banged when loading is complete.

You could use [loadbang] for this too, as they fire in patches from most-nested to least-nested after they are all reated. True, but you can send a "loadbang" message to the containing subpatch to initialize the contained abstractions. Often i'd create 2 or 3 versions of the same module, tweak their values, and then later decide i needed another copy of an existing module. In hindsight, i should have just just put a spigot after the [loadbang] and closed it off after any adjustments had been made to the abstraction.

My workaround at the time was more messy. Ah how did you do that workaround? I keep getting all the abstractions receiving the same data! Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Loading More Posts. I think there is no difference between the two. I've never used [initbang] though.. Loading Categories Disabled Categories are greyed out This topic will be moved to the category.

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[PD] Question about loadbang and dynamic sub-patches


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