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It features front wheel steering via a HOG, front wheel pendular suspension, inline 4-cylinder engine driven by rear differential, and tilting and spinning the cutter attachment in the back. The mower can be disconnected from the drive axle by a lever located in the driver's cabin.

This set uses tires, which was also used in this years 4 x 4 crawler, , , and The build stats with the tractor, and the cutter has its own separate instructions. The instruction booklets are 63 and 38 pages long, and contains 62 steps for the tractor, and 15 for the cutter.

The overall parts per step equals 14 for this set. Sub-assemblies are not counted. We start off with the bottom of the chassis. The driving ring engages the cutter when the driveshaft turns. This 16T clutched wheel provides input to the fake engine without interfering with the steering axle. The engine is an inline 4-cylinder, constructed on standard Technic principle.

A 16T gear on the input axle gives a final drive ratio. The second 8T gear isn't really necessary, because the steering angle is already limited by the 3L pins with bush. Rear floodlights in place. Note the 10 axle protruding from the universal joint. That is the source of power to the rear attachment. Front mudguard. The mudguards are made the same way as , meaning.

Next the front weights thanks hoeij , made of thin liftarms. The rear attachment is initially driven by a 24T gear which axle is connected to The PTO of the tractor.

This meshes with another 24T gear, which is connected to a 20T bevel gear. One of these goes on each side. You can see how the 12T bevel gears meshes with the 20T bevel gear. This forces them to spin in opposite directions, at a ratio of That fits with the red axle connector at the bottom.

Lastly, the spinner blades are made of Umbrella Stands and thin liftarms. The gear selector which turns the cutter on or off. If you look closely, you can spot the driving ring underneath it. Size comparison with , , Overall I think this is a great set. It's big size, combined with the genuine feel of the functions makes it, in my opinion, the best Technic tractor there is. The steering is very smooth, and the engine moves at a reasonable rate.

The only cons I see about this set is the absence of a working steering wheel, and some form of doors for the cabin. As always, I'm uploading the source images Brickshelf. Thanks, Its fun to do also. I always read other reviews before I buy certain sets, so it makes sense that more people will do the same.

EuroBricks reviews of Technic sets are also a rariety, something I'd like to change. Same here. The tractor operates the right way, is good looking and has some neat functions. The set has some very nice, handy "thingies".

A well, great review! Keep em comimg. Your reviews are very informitive, and I agree we need more like this. Be nice to read up on a set , learn about the pros n cons of it before you go out n spend the coin on one.

One of the things I,ve been doing is going too bricklink and looking at the invintory. I,d like to see a review on the new back hoe loader dont know the set number Really like the set, and the parts invintory looks good for the money spent. Great review! I really enjoy this set as well AND was able to add a working steering wheel by connecting a universal joint to the bottom of the wheel. Then, place a 12t bevel gear onto one end of a 3l? Secure this structure in such a way that the 12t gear meshes perpendicularly with the 16t gear directly below on the floor of the cabin.

Is that the ? That's better than the rest of the backhoe's imho, but is my favourite. Yeah, had to go too Bricklink and see what number it was, LOL. It looks like a good set, I like the phumatic one too. Its on my want list, seen a few on ebay, but the prices are a bit high. I know the is going for around 55 to 60 with free shipping. I do have , like it a lot. Great review. I paid about Euro for my in great condition with box. About the same as the Log loader. They have. But I can't see any Technic reviews there.

I have such a good memories with this set. It was my first time in a Lego store, and I bought this one together with the Technic Combine Harvester. They were both on sale, so I had both for less than the original price of one of them.

When put together, this set and the combine was so much more than I had expected from a tractor. That index is dead, use the Set Index. Pick "Technic" and do a search for nothing This is getting seriously off-topic now, but that's not what I meant. I would like to see a pinned topic at the top of the page where all the pictorial reviews would be collected.

Official pictures can be found pretty much anywhere, it's the pictures from the build that are interesting. But hey, that's just my opinion! I've asked around in the Reviewers Academy forum, hoping for some clarity. There are almost no Technic reviews to be found over there:S. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. What do you think of this set? Recommended Posts. Posted September 15, edited. Not bad for pieces. Comparison tires from and Despite it's overall greenish look, only 17 of its pieces are green.

A total of 38 gears are included in this set, if you count the differential. The second axle is for the PTO. A 12T db gear and a worm gear will lift the PTO when its not in use. You can see here how the worm gear will turn the Crown gear with the PTO axle. The changeover catch it placed on some thin liftarms, and an axle connector acts as a handle. The second axle for the HOG is placed with a meshing knobwheel. The seats uses Bionicle tooths to make a nice curved shape.

The dash features a instruments sticker. The differential sits on the rear axle. You can see how it will drive the set of 12T DB gears. A set of wheelhubs are placed on each side, and locked with some liftarms. It's placed in the front, and locked with a 3 axle. The front axle has rack and pinion steering, and pendular suspension. This rack is placed on top.


8284 LEGO Technic Dune Buggy / Tractor

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LEGO Tractor Set (US Version) 8284-1



Technic Dune Buggy Set LEGO 8284


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