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From this page you can: Home. Class number details Library items with class number No review available on this record. Organized in fifty short segments, this concise guide covers a wide range of important ideas from psychoanalysis and semiology to humor, 'otherness,' and nonverbal communication.

Berger's clear explanations surround this assortment of influential writing. This engaging, accessible book is essential for students of communication and anyone interested in how we communicate in a world of rapidly changing media.

Review: Arthur Asa Berger's choice of 50 prominent thinkers about communication is an intellectual journey from Aristotle to McLuhan with stops along the way at such road posts as Freud, Jung, and many of today's eminent communication scholars. Berger has selected a key writing from each and includes his own analysis and perspective of their work.

The book includes exercises for students and is a clear requisite for any introductory course on communication. Michael Noll, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California I have been waiting for a book like this for eight to ten years!

Finally, a text that is accessible to undergraduates who are new to the emerging discipline of culture and communication and yet honors the complexity of that discipline's roots, central questions, and broad reach. Borisoff , Author ; James W. Within this discussion a host of correlations emerge, crossing social, cultural, historical, political, and racial spheres.

In order to anchor their discussion Borisoff and Chesebro define the terms gender, power, and communication, which provides an operational platform from which to view fundamental issues such as the effects of stereotyping and verbal and nonverbal communication by gender. The authors also consider four contexts that shape and influence gender socialization and sex-role constructions: mediated communication and gender roles in various media systems, early socialization in the home, the educational landscape, and women and men in the workplace.

Information Design. Home Select language English UK. Login user name. Title :. Marie Garland. Deborah J. Chesebro , Author. Communication Communication - Sex differences Communication and culture. As a perceptive and outstanding assessment, Communicating Power and Gender examines the relationships between gender and power and how they are linked to and transformed by the communication process.

The stereotype : fiction or fact; Verbal and nonverbal face-to-face communication by gender; Mediated communication and gender roles; Early socialization in the home : influencing gendered scripts; The educational landscape : connecting gender and identity; Gendered scripts : women and men in the workplace;.








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