The kingly Anointing is the Anointing that ushered people into the office of a king. It is the Anointing that turned an ordinary person into the king of Israel. The 2 greatest examples of the kingly Anointing are seen in the lives of David and Saul. You will notice how King Saul rose to a place of authority through the Anointing. The Lord sent Samuel to Anoint Saul, an ordinary person.

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Nothing can compare to the Kingly anointing. This anointing lifts you to a position of great authority in the Kingdom, giving you the ability to destroy any camp of the enemy that may be highly ranked in the kingdom of darkness. This anointing gives you the supernatural ability to cast out demons with just one word, and to speak life into dead and dry circumstances.

If there is any kind of anointing that you should desire to manifest in your life, it should be the Kingly anointing. When God places this anointing upon your life, your whole life changes for the better. You begin to experience increase upon increase! This anointing was evident in the life of Moses. He walked into Egypt and within only 10 months, He not only saved the people from slavery, but also walked away with the treasures of the nation.

This anointing will give you dominion. You will become dangerous in the Kingdom of God. A king does not beg, nor does he ask. A king commands and declares. When a person with the Kingly anointing speaks, nations shake and demons tremble. As you read this today, I pray that the desire to walk in this anointing would be activated on the inside of you. Make a decision in your heart to cry out to God, commit yourself to the process as He develops you, and seek after Him above all!


Leon Du Preez

Preached by: Pastor Carolyn Sissom. It is every born-again man and women who has the potential to walk in Kingdom dominion that the writer of Hebrews is speaking of. However, according to the Word of God, there are those who are specifically called, chosen, and ordained to be kings. Plenty have set themselves thrones on platforms, but this is a manifestation of vanity of vanities. There are kings of nations.


Kingdom Warriors

When you got born again, you were initiated into the Priesthood. Then, there is also the kingly anointing which most of the church calls the baptism with the Holy Spirit. But a lot of Christians do not know what they received the day they got born again or when they received the Holy Spirit because they have not been taught. So, as a born again Christian you ought to know that you are already a king.



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