And accept your pain, too. And thank God for it. She was an eleven years old girl living in her native village in Turkey. Since she was born Kimya has been different from other children of her age because of her mystical experiences. The Priest in her village always used to say that she is gifted despite he also never understood what it was.

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And accept your pain, too. And thank God for it. She was an eleven years old girl living in her native village in Turkey. Since she was born Kimya has been different from other children of her age because of her mystical experiences. The Priest in her village always used to say that she is gifted despite he also never understood what it was.

Pursuing her dreams she went to a teacher living in a caveand he taught her things which were not absorbed completely by her mind initially, but with the passage of time, she found peace in his teachings.

There they meet the scholar Jalaluddin Rumi. Kimya used to see Rumi's first wife in her dreams whom Rumi loved. Then, Rumi adopted Kimya. Rumi and shams had a strong bond that they neglected everyone around even Kimya. This disturbs Rumi's family especially his younger son along with Rumi's followers. They rarely talk but there is something in Shams that makes Kimya restless. Eventually, they get married and from. They start the journey anew. In Kimya's words, She knew from the very start that living with a man like Shams would not be easy, but she willingly signed for it.

Every day she spends with him transforms her. She loved Shams and her love for him is the source of the transformation. A soul-captivating and insightful book.

This is my 3rd book that I've read about the life of Rumi and Shams. This stirring book is about Kimya Rumi's adopted daughter who have some mystical tenderness. It's her spiritual story. It's about how she finds herself drawn to the mysterious Shams. The writer paints a very engrossing relationship between Shams and Kimya. Throughout the book, I found some incredibly well written lines which have great charm and tenderness and something which is quite bewitching.

It's like a big canvas painted with some mix emotions and feelings. Sometimes it leaves you alone in a barren field of intangible feelings and sometimes it transports you to some other world, the world from where we all belong. It's a beautiful book that speaks to your soul. Every single word is mystic in the prescribed boundaries of soul.

I haven't read something as enchanting as this book. There is a void left in my heart after this book. This book is a powerhouse of spirituality. If you want to know about Rumi and Sham's life deeply, than give it read. I highly recommend this heart-pouring book. It's definitely worth reading. I rate this book 4. This book follows a delightful story of seven year old girl Kimya. She is very different from other kids. Her mother Evdokia and father Farrukh were very worried about her as she lost somewhere from time to time.

Religious scholar advised her parents to send Kimya to city Konya centre of knowledge and trade that time. And she was sent from her Rural village to Rumi's home for the purpose of Education. Eventually she married Shams an unusual husband almost totally absorbed by his longings for God. Their marriage was fiery and different and in the end dissolved by Kimya's death, after which Shams vanished.

Don't ever let pain poison you. Narahat olma. After reading forty rules of love I wanted to know more about kimya, that book left me curious. I wanted to know about the life of kimya Rumi's adapted daughter her relationship with Rumi and Shams so I ended up buying this book its Genre is historical and biographical fiction. This book is for all those people who are interested in RUMI'S life and the people who are connected with him. This book is about kimya's spiritual journey, how she moved from her village and started living in Rumi's home though she already had mystical tendencies and learned alot from Rumi.

This novel is all about kimys's spiritual awakening, how she got married with Shams, and how her life changed spiritually. And her heart was set on fire. I got this book from booksonlinepakistan they have very good quality books with reasonable price.

It is hard to keep your feet on the earth while your heart looks for the heavens. Photo series that explains how life is created from our beliefs and the we are the sum total of all of our thoughts and feelings. Everything in our life is reflecting our thought vibration. The meaning that we give to our life is exactly how we'll experience it. Whatever we are thinking, feeling and projecting, whether consciously or unconsciously, we send right into the mirror of physical reality.

This mirror immediately responds by giving us back a reflection. Reflection known as experiences. Suatu masa saya pernah mampir pada cerita sufistik-romantis-tragis atau entah apalah dikategorikan. Masih seputar perempuan. Hal yang muskil hingga kini. Di suatu pelosok Irak, sampai detik ini masih saya dengar penganiayaan dan perbudakan: Perempuan.

Suku Yazidi jadi sasaran. Juga siapa tahu di balik dinding tetangga saya ada yang merasa pilu. Bukan urusan saya? Urusan saya sendiri kompleks dan nggak selesai-selesai? Untuk menyadari ketidak-mau-tahuan itu sendiri juga butuh referensi batin. Menjadi bebal itu tak bisa sealami tertawa, menangis atau malu-malu. Dengan menjaga pikiran bernyala, sedikitnya saya tak mudah nelangsa atas banyak hal yang membuat saya marah atau kecewa. Bahkan sebaliknya. Dan itu saya ketahui dan saya tak perlu melebih-lebihkan.

Ia menghabiskan masa kecil dalam keterasingan yang membahagiakan. Hidupnya adalah perjalanan mengungkap takdir: bertemu Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi yang kemudian mengangkatnya sebagai murid sekaligus anak. Ia menikah dengan Syams, sahabat tercinta Rumi. Penghayatan insan dalam lapangan batin mereka menjadikan kisah berakhir sedih. Betapa dominasi agama yang berkuasa itu telah ada sejak dahulu kala.

Dan bila hari ini masih terjadi dan dianggap lumrah, kita sebaiknya tahu-menahu bagaimana bersikap. Sedikitnya saya mengetahui dan tak serta-merta mengamini. I had read Elif Shafak's Forty rules of love recently.. This one is about Kimya, Rumi's daughter How she changed nd what made her change One of the great books to read, Rumi's daughter.

A great story about Rumi's daughter "Kimya". This will make your time worth living. Enjoy your one and only life. When there is great pain, there are only three rules: not to push the pain away, not to try to understand it, and not to indulge in it Make yourself as open as a young tree caught in a storm. Let the storm bend you at its will, do not resist it, do not argue with it either- how could one argue with the wind and the rain? Muriel Maufroy, Rumi's Daughter. It's a profound record of Spiritual transformation and a poetic gift of the imagination.

It's an inspiring read; evocative and heart stopping. It was such a beautiful and mesmerizing experience. I'll suggest this to everybody who loves reading. Men don't want to know this and they quickly forget it.

And when their heart is called and when it bleeds, they complain instead of giving thanks. This beautiful little book shows the spiritual awakening of Kimya. A girl who was adopted by Jalal ud Din Rumi, one of the great mystical poets of all the time. Author has described her early life with her parents and how she ended up being in Rumi's home. It shows 13th century, Rumi's life, his meeting with Shams, a whirling dervish, and influence of Shams on Rumi through the eyes of a young woman.


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Home Download. Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi in English. It is often said that Rumi had attained the level of a "Perfect Master" and as such, he often dwelled in the spiritual realms that were rarely visited by others of this world. Rumi had attained spiritual heights that were attained by only a few before him or since The French writer, Maurice Barres had once confessed: "When I experienced Rumi's poetry, which is vibrant with the tone of ecstasy and with melody, I realized the deficiencies of Shakespeare, Goethe and Victor Hugo.


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