Cattle and buffaloes have economic value as a source of protein and draught power. The people of Sulawesi also use buffalo in various custom and religious activities. Infections by Trematodes may disrupt livestock productivity. There is no data on the status of Trematode infection in cattle and buffalo animals in the area. The study was conducted using a cross-sectional design to measure the prevalence of Trematodosis in cattle and buffalo around the endemic areas of Schistosomiasis in July-November The Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory method was chosen to quantify the infection by trematodes.

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View My Stats. Species of Musa have various activities, one of which is anthelmintic activity. Part of banana plants that can be used as anthelmintic is part of the fruit, because of the phytochemical content possessed. Tannin is able to inhibit the enzyme cholinesterase, damage the membrane of the worm and can precipitate the protein. The purpose of this research is to know the content of tannin and also total tannin level on ethanol extract of Musa x paradisiaca L.

Thin Layer Chromatography TLC showed of ethanol extract of Ambon banana containing tannin with a total test of tannin was In vitro at negative control NaCl 0. Histopathological examination and scanning electron microscope showed a degenerative change in ultrastructures of the worm's cuticle. Ariani, K. Jurnal Farmasi Sains dan Komunitas, 13 1 , Askadilla, W. Challam, M. Veterinary Parasitol, , Journal of Parasitic Diseases, 36 1 , Dasgupta S. Journal of Parasitic Diseases, 37 1 , Goldstein, J.

New York: Plemun Press. Hegazi A. Iman, F. Pancaran, 4 2 , Joseph, J. D, Bhat, A. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3 2 , Magdeleine, C. Veterinary Parasitology, , 85— Malangngi, L. Malini, D. Pandey, K. Analysis of Anthelmintic Activity of Crateva unilocularis Buch. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2 6 , Roberts, L.

Foundations of Parasitology. Suwiti, N. Buletin Veteriner Udayana, 2 1 , International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences, 6 4 , Swarnakar, G. Anthelminthic effect of Trigonella foenum-graecum on Tegument of Gastrothylax crumenifer in Cattle of Udaipur.

Tiwow, D. Toner E. Parasitology, 5 , Venkatesh, Krishna, V. Anthelmintic Activity of Musa paradisiaca L. Williams, A. PLOS One, 9 5 , Yadav, A. Fitoterapia, 8 5 , Article Tools How to cite item. User Username Password Remember me. Abstract Species of Musa have various activities, one of which is anthelmintic activity. Keywords Anthelmintic; Ascaris suum cuticle; Histopathology; Scanning electron microscope. Full Text: PDF. References Ariani, K.

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Infection of helminth eggs on house rats (Rattus tanezumi) in human residential area

Asep Herlan R. The worm infections can cause a decrease in livestock productivity, were in the form of a decrease in body weight, milk production, growth restriction, decrease immunity to disease, even death. Research on worm disease in Boer goats aims to determine the infection rate of Nematodiasis and Trematodiasis in goats with various age levels, young and adult age groups. Th is research method is survey with sampling technique is sampling by the judgment.


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Monogenea adalah kelas dari anggota hewan tak bertulang belakang yang termasuk dalam filum Platyhelminthes. Hewan ini juga tidak memiliki rongga tubuh. Monogenea mempunyai sistem pencernaan sederhana yang mencakup lubang mulut, usus, serta anus. Contohnya Noebenedenia. Pada tahap awal hidupnya, Monogenea memiliki sebuah organ mirip kait di bagian posteriornya yang disebut haptor. Hewan dewasa memiliki prohaptor untuk makan dan opisthaptor untuk menempel.

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Praktikum Blok 19 Trematoda

Discovery of Maritrema jebuensis n. Maritrema spp. Digenea : Microphallidae are parasites of birds, but have not been found in the Republic of Korea. In this study, metacercariae of Maritrema sp. Based on the symmetric ribbon-like vitellarium, adult flukes of Maritrema sp. Hence, we named this microphallid M.


Like most websites we use cookies. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. Continuing to use www. If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Foreign Title : Identifikasi cacing trematoda dan gambaran patologi ginjal burung merpati yang terinfeksi. Author s : Sahara, A.

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