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AuHlor' cf:. Lnmpll'ut llfortunF-meller. John Riggs. Author of. EEttblp of QIontpnts. The Pychic Entertainment Package. The Premise. The Methods. An Interview With the Left-Brain. The Routines. Whillicker's Favorite Method. The Ultimate Psychometry. The Compleat Fortune-Teller. Properly performed, with a modicum of charisma and dynamic mystery, the skilled Mentalist can hold an audience spellbound. However, the flip side of the coin is always eager to turn up -long, tedious, boring presentations that test the audience insomniac quotient!

At a time when the world is rocked with cataclysmic changes, when technology threatens to strip away the last mysteries of the human soul, the demand for such mysteries becomes prevalent.

A s Mentalists, we live in an excellent time - the old Vaudeville-style presentations are becoming novel again! People crave mystery and excitement. Even the skeptics in my audiences these days seem to want me to convince them that what I do is real - and they put up only a feeble struggle. Indeed, in a sense, many people do!

However, I am preaching to the choir - if you have the excellent good judgement required to be reading this book, you already know that these are true sentiments! I often combine the two effects into an extended routine that can stand alone as a complete program. I have often performed Tarot Psychometry as a lecture for metaphysical study groups, and have literally brought the house down - and received a substantial 'love offering' at the conclusion.

So, read this monograph in the spirit it is intended - to get your creative juices flowing, and to make your mentalism as convincing as. My ethical stand, as I have stated many times, is crystal clear -. I try to convince them. During the one hour or so I am on stage, I do my. After the show, we all get on with our lives. If you have ethical problems with the convincing presentation of Mentalism, no hard feelings.

No refunds. In contrast to the Magician, with his truckload of flashy apparatus and his leggy assistant, or the Juggler, with his flaming torches and highly- honed skill, the Psychic Entertainer seems almost impoverished by comparison.

His props are minimal. So, what is the Psychic Entertainment package? The package, dear friend, is y o u. Ideally, the props used in a Mentalism presentation should be an adjunct to the program - not the program itself.

We cannot delightthe eye with lovely, scantily-clad assistants, or colorful apparatus and flying balls and clubs. We have only and ultimately ourselves. We portray ourselves as individuals who have developed the powers of the mind to uncanny levels.

Do we look the part? Do we act the part? Is the package worth the money? Are we extraordinary? Intelligence and expertise is not something that can be faked. You must be able to converse intelligently with your audience about subjects about which they may be knowledgeable.

If you use a psychological premise, be darned sure to get your facts straight. Once the facts are straight, then you may extrapolate at will Mentalism is the aristocracy of the conjuring profession. We must at all times be worthy of the royal lineage we share with Washington Irving Bishop, Dunninger, Koran, and Fogel. Mentalists seem to be among the most curious and inquiring members of the conjuring profession - and, come to think of it, I haven't heard of a gospel Mentalism act.

Not since Oral Roberts, anyway. Wemust be eclectic, dynamic, and electric. O u r love of our a r t must be contagious. We are a very select breed. The percentage of people who can entertain others is very small.

The subgroup of t h a t nwnber who can market their way into making a living at performing is smaller still. Mentalists comprise an even smaller percentage. And those who love what they do may even be smaller! I've' often been asked whether or not a Mentalist should use a disclaimer:. And with that, dear friends, let us dive into that Aristocrat of Presentations:.

TbeQ8 A Aet! It was only inevitable that a grey area would emerge betweenthese two classic effects, spawning a whole slew of routines that combine elements of both. Psychometry is the beliefthat inanimate objects retain some of the energy field of their owner. A Psychometrician is a person who is sensitive to these energy fields. PsychometIy is one of the more psychic of the metaphysical skills portrayed by the media; any time you see a Psychic, on one of the police shows, fondling a murder weapon in order to givethe policesome insights intotheidentity of themurderer- youhave witnessed PsychometIy.

Lee Earle was one of the first performers whomadethe connection between Psychometry andthehumanAura. Lee says,inhis presentation:. Lee makes it sound so believable, that I almost threw away my marked envelopes! In other presentations, the participants writedowntheir Astrological sign,their favorite color,ortheir fantasies. The folded slips are used to identify the querent and the information - butnotbythe mundane procedure ofreadingthe information.

Some other psychic agency is at work. Could it be the refined sense of Psychometry? Perhapsthe slipprovidesa psychic link betweenthequerentandthe performer.

The physicalreality of1;he slip could act as a conduitbetween the performer's mind and the querent's? Tapping into the Universal Consciousness without a guide would plunge one into a morass of thoughts, feelings, and images. Does the slip providean anchor,helping the two disparate consciousness link together for a moment? Just something to think about while you are building your premise. Popular Psychic readingmethods provide insightsinto the person's character.

The Compleat Fortune- Teller. For example, an Astrologer might tellaGemini: "Youare versatile,. At times, you are given to extremes, and you are possessed of a multi-sided personality.

Other people may find it hard to keep up with you as you flit from enthusiasm to enthusiasm". A Psychometric reading might deal with someone's energies. It wouldtendto be more impressionistic. Therewould be fleeting, dreamlike images, and vague whispery insights intothe person's energy field. I seem to smell the perfume offlowers. The color blue has some Significance. I see a lady in a blue dress, an old-time dress, and she's humming to herselfand dancing to musicfrom a music box.

She seems to be anticipating something nice. Someone around you is causing you. They are not working in your best interest. Your energies are sapped by worry and stress. You seem to be doing a lot of things that you do not necessarily enjoy doing, just because it is expected of you. The dark things always flee from the light". It could be a successful approach, perhaps, to indicate thatthepaper becomes energized withthe person's radiations as he writes and concen- trates on the question.

Annemann's Pseudo-Psychometry, now considered a classic, can makeor breakyouas a performer. Traditionally, we havebeen cautioned not to emphasize the return of the object to the correct person. The emphasis should be placed on the readings. Theidea conveyed isthat you are so well-versed at people reading, that it is easy for youto returnthe objectsto their owners.

Thisis one of the technically easiest miracles in the Mentalist's repertoire. Unfortu- nately, it is also one of the hardestto sell!


John Riggs – Psychic Pselections

Posted: Nov 30, pm. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this book. I have heard nothing but great things about it. I know Denny's sells his most of his materials but they do not have that particular book listed. Any help would be appreciated. Here is the link for John's site. By the way, his clipboards are without doubt, the best on the market.


John Riggs - Compleat Fortune-Teller

Language: English. Toggle navigation Conjuring Archive. Language: English 44 entries. Publisher's Foreword. Solipsist Cup and Ball Routine.


John Riggs - The Brown Hornet

AuHlor' cf:. Lnmpll'ut llfortunF-meller. John Riggs. Author of. EEttblp of QIontpnts. The Pychic Entertainment Package. The Premise.


Magic Tricks

This is an independent review. I paid for the product, I used it for years in real conditions and its creator didn't ask me to write this review. People often ask me advice for a good impression device so I thought I'd share my thoughts on John Riggs' Brown Hornet. I've owned it and used it for years now so I'll detail my personal opinion, how I use John's device and some ideas that I had with it. Hopefully it will help you make an informed decision. First, let's start by looking at what John is saying about the Brown Hornet on his own website, in order: "Please note that there is sometimes though not usually up to a two week wait before I can get to your order, based on my performing schedule.

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