Double Walled Steel Tubing is a steel tube for pressure piping, which is manufactured from electrolytic copper coated steel strip both surfaces. The strip is wound into continuous tubular with double-layered wall and then copper brazed in a special furnace using the coated copper as filler metal. The tube possesses higher withstanding pressure and higher vibration fatigue strength. Furthermore, the tube is also equipped with superior properties such as solderability, brazeability, bendability, and workability in end terminal preparation. As a pressure tubing material with extensive reliability and good processing characteristics, this tube is used for several purposes, such as brake tubing, power steering on vehicles, and many more.

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JASO F JASO M The latest e d i t i o n of t h e referenced document including any amendments a p p l i e s. Shape, d i me n s io n s a n d geometrical tolerance Shape, dimensions and geometrical tolerance of tube fittings shall b e as specified i n Attached Tables 1 through 4. Quality 8. Electroplated j o i n t s shall be t r e a t e d with hydrogen embrittlement removal a s n e c e s s a r y.

The difference of mass b e f o r e a n d after dissolution shall b e d i v i d e d by t h e surface area o f the sample to o b t a i n t h e adhesion mass per unit area. Designation Olive tube fittings 2. Olive connector annex. The shapes and dimensions of o l i v e tube fittings are as per Attached Table I or T h e shapes and dimensions of olive connector a r e as p e r Attached Table 3 of this The shapes and dimensions of flat n i p p l e tube fittings a r e as per Attached T h e shapes and dimensions of f l a t nipple connector Table 2 of this annex.

Flat nipple tube fittings Table 4 of this annex. Flat nipple connector and flat nipple union and f l a t nipple u n i o n are a s per Attached Table 5 of this annex. Therefore, this item is deleted. Nipple type Application of this type of coupling and JASO type flat nipple tube fittings has declined greatly.

Therefore, flat nipple tube fittings are deleted while ball nipple tube fittings are retained. Dimensions d3 and L3 of the ball nipple connector may be determined by the parties concerned in order t o reflect actual u s e. Deleted flat nipple tube fittings are specified in A n n e x A t t a c h e d T a b l e s 4 and 5 Eye tube fittings This type of coupling offers great advantages for u s e in narrower spaces that are not suitable for flare tube fittings, and currently enjoys wide u s e.

Due to the volume of u s e , some dimensions are not specified in the Standard, which has limited application of the Standard. Pending items 1 Clamping torque Specifications for c l a m p i n g torque were discussed a s i n t h e previous r e v i s i o n , but w e r e not i n c l u d e d due to insufficient data.


Double Walled Steel Tubing

The applicable standards for this standards are shown below. The test shall be conducted pursuant to corrosion test specified in Table 10 and shall meet requirements in Table 6. Performance of organic film shall be pursuant to Table 6 and shall meet requirements in Table 7, after the tests pursuant to Table 10 are conducted as occasion demands. The pipes shall be tested pursuant to Table 10 and shall resist the guarantee pressure specified in Table 8 without leaving injurious deformation. Flattening Test 1 Length of test specimen shall be mm.


Double / Single Wall Precision Steel Tube For Automobile JASO M 101-94



Double / Single Wall Precision Steel Tube For Automobile JASO M 101-94


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