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It can also be applied to mobile municipal equipment e. It does not identify performance levels for specific applications. Otherwise, the specification of AgPL is the responsibility of the manufacturer. This document is not applicable to safety related parts of control systems manufactured before the date of its publication. Check out our FAQs.

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Ensuring the safety of tractors and other agricultural equipment means ensuring the control systems that are in place work as they are meant to. The internationally trusted set of standards for such systems has just been updated, making it even fitter for the farm. A number of these are designed to reduce risks by preventing unintended movements and recognising errors and other possible hazards, because ensuring the vehicles function correctly is as important as the functions themselves.

The series of standards ISO , Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Safety-related parts of control systems, is widely used by the agricultural industry and its suppliers and has recently been updated. It sets out the general principles for the design and development of safety-related parts of control systems on tractors and self-propelled ride-on machines used in agriculture and forestry.

It can even be applied to mobile equipment used in municipalities such as street-sweeping machines. ISO helps designers and manufacturers ensure that safety-related parts perform as intended, and covers the system structure, fault detection mechanisms, reliability of components, operating stress, environmental conditions and more. Published in consumer and occupational safety. Subscribe to Touchstone. Improving farm safety: international standards for agricultural machinery just updated 19 November Recent consumer and occupational safety articles.


ISO 25119 Software Development for Tractors and Machinery for agriculture and forestry

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ISO 25119-4:2010

ISO Software Development: The norm describes the safety requirements for tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. The standard is a sector specific implementation of IEC and consists of 4 parts. Like other functional safety standards, ISO specifies various levels of criticality. Chapter 7. ISO consists of four parts.


Improving farm safety: international standards for agricultural machinery just updated


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