Hohner B2A.. Oct 30, 1. Apr 20, I've seen a B2A fretless in a store going cheap and I was thinking of picking it up as a knock about bass to save carrying my Jaco Jazz around all the time. I've been busy at work so I haven't had time to try it out yet.

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Hi, I own a Hohner B2A headless bass. Unfortunately, the battery compartment shows some corrosion, also some parts of the plastic housing, which is extremely brittle, broke off. Is there any other source for parts known? Is there a replacement for the active pre-amp in the shape of a 9V battery that sits in the comartment alongside the battery?

One more thing: The serial number of this bass is Can I get some more information on the bass, i. Your serial number indicates that it was made in Great to hear that you already checked the C-Shop. All the parts that we can provide are listed there. Maybe a specialized guitar shop or a second hand guitar shop can help?

Thanks for your understanding. Hi Kristin, thanks a lot for the information anyway. Very helpful service, and super fast, too. Is it right that the B2A generally is not an active bass, i. If you can get at leads that connect to battery is it pp3 9v a connector can be bought cheaply and replaced. ABS car bumper epoxy resin glue to repair compartment? Most wiring is in the compartment on the other side, which contains all the pots, switch, connectors and so on.

I made a plan for a different solution now. Will keep you posted if it works. If not: the bass can be used without the pre-amp as a standard passive instrument with two volume and one tone pot.

Parts have broken off, the lid is lost. A replacement part could not be found. Hohner-B2A-Battery-Comptmt The deep cutout on the backisde oft he B2A body ist he original one, made to hold the plastic battery compartment.

See the pre-amp circuit inside a PP3 battery shape housing. Hohner-B2A-Battery-Comptmt The larger, about 1 mm deep cutout has been made by a friend of min using a milling cutter. It is the size of the new compartment cover. The upper left one already holds a threaded insert made of brass. The screws holding the new cover in place are M 2,5 x 10 mm.

Hohner-B2A-Battery-Comptmt Some oft he new parts: battery contact cable, brass threaded inserts, screws M 2,5 x 10 mm, self adhesive hook-and-loop stripes. Hohner-B2A-Battery-Comptmt loop stripe is glued to the upper side wall, hook stripe is glued to one side of the the pre-amp circuit box. Hohner-B2A-Battery-Comptmt Battery contact cable has been soldered to the corresponding wires of the circuit and isolated by tape. Hohner-B2A-Battery-Comptmt Pieces of foam glued to the bottom an the lower side wall of the battery compartment as well as to one side of the circuit box, using double-sided adhesive tape.

All four threaded inserts are in their places now. Hohner-B2A-Battery-Comptmt Piece of foam glued to the cover using double-sided adhesive tape, to make sure the battery will not move inside the compartment.

Great little instrument brought back to life. I love playing it. The battery contact cable was the part i mentioned if running on nine volts i understand you mean the size of circuit amp. Thanks for any support Andy. Kristin October 30, , pm 2. Thanks again Andy. Here is my solution for the battery compartment problem mentioned earlier.

Shown in 10 images. DLewis November 16, , pm 8. Imprint Privacy.


Hohner B2A..any good?

B2A, 4-string bass guitar from Hohner. Log in Become a member. Hohner B2A. Product presentation.


Hohner B2A Headless 4-string Bass (Licensed by Steinberger)

Shipped promptly. Packaged well. Followed up that it arrived safely. Great transaction. Fast shipping. Packaged with care and they even followed with a message to make sure I was satisfied.

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