Bellamy, H. Hans Schindler Overview. Publication Timeline. Most widely held works by H. S Bellamy.

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I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato's own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense. Learn More. Hans Schindler B ellamy , appears to be one of the pseudonyms of Rudolf Elmayer von Vestenbrugg, a. Elmar Brugg. Bellamy, with one exception, was the pen name used on English language books.

Furthermore, there is no clear agreement regarding the exact year or place of either his birth sometimes b or death sometimes Until now, I have also been unable to locate any photos of Bellamy. After the war he was usually published in the German language as Elmar Brugg.

Bellamy is probably best known for his adoption of some of the strange cosmological ideas of Hanns Hoerbiger , with whom he developed a friendship and has written about these theories in both English and German. He gathered an extensive collection of worldwide myths to support the view that the Earth had lost a previous moon and captured our present satellite within the last 50, years. He developed his views in his first book, Moons, Myths and Man [ ] which was published shortly before the Second World War.

In Vol. This could be interpreted as part of a process of rehabilitation following his wartime activities. He also refers p. He also produced a volume [ ] , T he B ook of R evelation is H istory , devoted to demonstrating that the last book of the New Testament is in fact a coded description of the catastrophes that accompanied the capture of our moon.

He claimed that the reference to the ten horns is an allusion to the ten Atlantean kings. Both Bellamy and Allan were awarded honorary professorships in the University of La Paz in recognition of their work at Tiahuanaco. He believed that he had found evidence of a shorter year of days in ancient times but within the memory of man.

Bellamy studied the calendar on the Sun Gate of Tiahuanaco and believed that he had found evidence of a shorter year of days in ancient times but within the memory of man. He subscribed to the theory that a pre-lunar satellite orbited our planet , years ago and that it rotated so close to the Earth, eventually crashing into it, that it caused a more rapid rotation of our planet! What appears to have been his last book [ ] was published in German shortly after his death and once again he wrote of the possibility and consequences of cosmic collisions.

Unusually, this book was published with the authorship credited jointly to both Rudolf Elmayer von Vestenbrugg and H. March, June 3, Bellamy, Hans Schindler Published June 3,


Bellamy, H. S. (Hans Schindler) 1901-1982

Bellamy and Hans Schindler Bellamy , was an English professor in Vienna and an author on pseudoarchaeology. Between and he published several English textbook as well as two booklet on English folksongs and on the history of the English language. As Jews and social-democrats he and his wife Rosie were fierce opponents of the Nazi-party. In he returned to Vienna and continued his work for the Folk High Schools. He died in and was buried in Kfar Menahem Israel , where his son lived; his wife then also settled in Israel, where she died in at the age of In he published a study on Book of Genesis ; his subsequent books develop the World Ice Theory in light of other Bible books, the Atlantis myth, and the Tiwanacu archaeological site in Bolivia. In he finished a book by the deceased right-wing author Rudolf Elmayer von Vestenbrugg Eingriffe aus den Kosmos Interventions from Outer Space.


Bellamy, Hans Schindler


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