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Quick Links. See also: Technical Manual. Table of Contents. In some instances, this information could concern the security and safety of the vehicle. Specifications, adjustments, checks and special features of citroen private vehicles pages. Page 3 If you find that this handbook does not always meet your requirements, we invite you to send us your suggestions which we will take into account when preparing future publications. Page 6 If you find that this handbook does not always meet your requirements, we invite you to send us your suggestions which we will take into account when preparing future publications.

Paint code. Manual gearbox identification ref. Organisation No. Gearbox ident. The oil capacities are defined according to the following methods. Engine type 4. Page 39 Norms S. Page 40 0. Tensioner in locking position. Q2 [4] Dynamic tensioner compression lever : -. Re-used belt. R 6 mm across the flats. S 6 mm across the flats until tool [1] - T. S 6 mm across the flats until tool [1] T. Tighten to 3. NOTE : In certain cases the roller 3 is in its maximum stop position, and it is not possible to remove the tool [1] T.

Tool kit T - [2] Camshaft pinion locating peg : T. Tool kit T - [4] Balance shaft peg : T. Placed in the square locating hole of the tensioner roller. Refitting - Refit the belt Page 90 2. Tool kit T - Square drive : T. Page 94 : T. If necessary, turn the camshaft using the screw 5. Z - [3] Crankshaft locating peg : T. N Tool kit T - [4] Camshaft pulley locking peg : T. G - [5] Tensioning tool NOTE : Ensure that the camshaft pulleys rotate freely on the hubs.

Clean the contact faces of the pulleys and hubs. NOTE : If it is not easy to peg the camshaft hubs, loosen the tensioner roller 7 , and turn the camshafts using the screw B [2] Crankshaft setting peg : -. B Tool kit C. K [4] Angular tightening adaptor : T. Setting the valve timing Remove - Remove the screws 2 , the pulley 1 , upper valve cover 4 , lower valve cover 3.

The angular displacement of the pulleys must not exceed one tooth. J2 [3] Engine flywheel peg : -. D [4] Belt compression spring : -. K [5] Camshaft pinion peg : -. M [6] Engine flywheel lock : -. Peg : - The engine flywheel, tool [3]. Loosen : - The three screws 9. Remove the timing belt. Tighten : - The screw 7 of the roller 6 to 2. NOTE : Keep the cylinder filled up visible level.

Gbox : N Manual gear engaged gearbox 1. Less than 4. Should the check reveal excessive CO, make sure that the Less than 3. Setting pressure - 2nd stage. Fuel supply circuit. Diesel injectors. All interventions on the injection system must be carried out to conform with the following requirements and regulations : - Competent health authorities. Before working on the injection system, it may be necessary to clean the apertures of the following sensitive components : refer to corresponding procedures.

Vacuum pump. EGR valve - Connect the tool [1] to the capsule union 1. A Tool kit T The copper seal 1 and the fire seal washer 2 are to be replaced each time they are removed. Kit T - Ring spanner : T. This decree stipulates : - The speed indicated by a speedometer must never be lower than the actual vehicle speed. Description Number of screws m. Torque X mm Y mm Tightening torques m. Automatic gearbox. The front of the vehicle must be raised in order to be towed.

Checking the oil level. Preliminary conditions - Vehicle in horizontal position, handbrake released. The downloading operation enables the automatic gearbox to be updated, or adapted to an evolution of the engine ECU. The gearbox is lubricated for life. Old fitting A 1 Rear hub nut. It must be obtained using a single shim 8. Thickness of available shims : 0. Note : After each body movement, and before each measurement : - Parking brake released.

Tightening torque Old fitting Tighten the screw 1 to Tighten the screw 2 to New fitting. Tighten the screw 1 to NOTE : The handbrake operates on the front wheels. Automatic wear adjustment. Pull the end-piece 3 of the parking brake Engine running.

Handbrake in the fully released position. Slightly tighten, by hand, the nut 2 so that it is Page - Press the brake pedal lightly, or load the pedal with a weight of 5 to 6 kg.

Drum Disc At shim A Yellow Tighten - Position hole A opposite the toothed wheel adjusting mechanism. Unscrew the pressure regulator release screw by 1 turn The main accumulator is de-pressurised.

MAC regulator are de-pressurised. CAR corrector link rods. The SC. CAR accumulator is de-pressurised. Vehicle with SC. The electrovalves of the hydractive regulators are energised. MAC valves Unscrew the pressure regulator release screw by 1 turn. MAC accumulator front suspension settling are de-pressurised.

MAC valve and hydractive regulator. CAR accumulator supply pipe, plug the pipe with the unions T.


Citroen PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

File Size. Download Link. Service and Repair Manual Citroen diesel engine Citroen diesel engine Service and Repair Manual. Contrary to the wishes of his father, Andre did not continue the family business, and engaged in what he liked.





Citroen xantia user manual


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