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Lately, when I go there, it tries to open additional windows, some of which my system blocks, and the ones that get through don't look like anything I would want to click on. I emailed Lars Braesicke, who created the German site, and he wrote back immediately. This is his reply:. It is an old web counter using advertising pop-ups Unfortunately I have no access to nualeargais.

So I cannot change it. But ad blockers help. So I guess it is best to follow scilling's advice and use the German language site, which is still controlled and updated by Lars. If you know enough German to understand it, this is the version that you should be using anyway - even if there were no ads. The German version has a lot more content and is both more detailed and more accurate than the English version that hasn't been updated in ages. Well, I'm not going to click on that link after you saying this.

It does sound like the site is infected with malware from your description, and given the somewhat growing interest in Irish thanks to Duolingo, LangFocus and a couple of others online that have given Irish a boost in visibility , it would not surprise me if hackers and scammers tried to target sites like this--oh, the price Irish has to pay for being the "popular" Celtic language.

Thanks, everyone. I just tried and it works fine from my iPad, so I'll have to figure out why Chrome on my PC opens up other windows when I go to that particular site. I only open it from my phone but I too noticed that sometimes a dark square as in some unloaded banner covers some of the links in the home page, so I end up clicking on it by mistake and opening all the additional windows you mentioned.

I love the site though, I would hate it if it were a virus I don't think it is a virus. The behavior only seems to happen when it detects cookies in your browser from mirando. It is a good idea - I will send an email to the author and ask if he intentionally has this on the site.

That's a great idea - the German site doesn't seem to have the same issue. Now I'll have to see if my German is up to the task. Thank you! Now I have another reason to learn German—thank you again ;. Get started. Is anyone else noticing Gramadach na Gaeilge trying to open sketchy ads?

January 7, This is his reply: It is an old web counter using advertising pop-ups Unfortunately I have no access to nualeargais. January 8, January 9, BodgieFift Learn Irish in just 5 minutes a day. For free. Get started Login.


Gramadach na Gaeilge



Gramadach na Gaeilge: An Caighdeán Oifigiúil


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