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General search Products Price Download Supply. Product catalogues. Q series PLC. FX series PLC. FX1S series. FX1N series. FX2N series. FX2NC series. FX3UC series. FX3G series. FX3GA series.

FX3GE series. FX3GC series. FX3S series. FX3SA series. FX5U series. FX all modules and accessories. L series PLC. CC-Link module. R series PLC. Touch Screen. QS safety series. Supply voltage: - VAC. Input points: 36 points.

Output points: 24 points. Output type: relay. Power consumption W : Weight kg Size WxHxD mmx90x Rich functionality. FX series of products are rich in variety, users can be based on cost or application, Choose the most suitable product. Will find a suitable model for the user site. Terminal row type standard machine with extended input output Can also be less of a system with analog or communication, etc..

CPU, power supply, input and output integration. Display module or function expansion board can be less installed. In addition, you can also reduce the input output or special module. No battery. Maintenance free. Overseas oriented products meet all kinds of international standards. Input points: 8 points. Output points: 6 points. Power supply voltage: 24VDC. Input points: 16 points. Output points: 14 points. Output type: Transistor source. Power consumption W : 8. All equipment is digital input and output point.

Its MT series of PLC can drive 2 way servo or stepper, commonly used in the control system for a simple manipulator. Cable extending unit. Length 30CM. Input and output points: 48 points.

DC power supply: DC24V. Input points: 24 points. Output form: relay output. Weight: 0. Input signal voltage: DC24V. FX2N series expansion unit Expansion unit is an input and output expansion device with a built-in power supply.

As with the basic unit, the extension unit can be connected to a variety of input and output and special extension equipment. Because all models of FX series are built in high speed counter, So the high speed control can be realized by the simple procedure. Using high speed counter automatically adjusted to the minimum value.

Extended function expansion board and special adapter, Data links and communication with external serial devices. Contact us Search terms.


FX1N-60MR-ES/UL| Mitsubishi Electric | Fx1n Series Programmable Controllers

We understand that credit is a necessary part of business and offer credit agreements on request, subject to status. For more information, please visit our dedicated payments page. All parts come with a 12 month warranty. Available for dispatch immediately. We can deliver worldwide.


Mitsubishi FX1N-60MR-ES/UL Manual FX1N-60MR-ES/UL Hardware Manual


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