I the folow Issue: — When turn on, then no lights or text on the Display. Only the Charge-LED is red. Maybe can tell me what can i do to repair it. Hello Elektrickser, thanks for asking Galco. If no lights accept BUS charge indicator, then it sounds the power supplies have failed.

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Semiconductors Photoconductors Storage Devices. Instrumentation Radiation Monitoring. Service Solution After Sales Service. Common Specifications Item. This auto drop function can be canceled. Control method. Starting torque HD spec. Keypad operation. Start and stop with keys Remote keypad : supplied as standard.

Start and stop with keys Multifunctional keypad : optional. Linked operation: Operation through RS or field buss option communications.

External Volume: Can be set with external potentiometer. Analog Input :. Multistep frequency: Selectable from 16 steps step 0 to Linked operation: Frequency can be set through RS Standard setting.

Switching frequency setting: Frequency setting can be switched 2 settings with external signal digital input. Auxiliary frequency setting: Terminal 12, C1 or V2 input can be selected respectively as an additional input. Operation at a specified ratio: The ratio can be set by analog input signal. Inverse operation:. Pulse train input:. Switch: The four types of accel. Forcible stop decel. Auto tuning by shortest accel. Frequency limiter Upper limit and lower limit frequencies.

It is possible to select forcible deceleration actuated when the deceleration time becomes three times longer. Deceleration characteristic improved braking capacity. With digital input signal, automatic energy saving mode can be turned ON or OFF by an external device. It is possible to set the base frequency, rated current, torque boost, and electronic thermal slip compensation as the data for 1st to 4th motors.

When the motor is stopped by hitting, the inverter controls the current to secure the holding torque. Stops the inverter and holds the motor in stop position. Grounding fault protection. If an excessive voltage is applied by mistake, the protection can not be guaranteed. However, the alarm will not be issued when the re-starting after instantaneous stop is selected.

Input phase loss protection. This function protects the inverter. DB transistor built-in type only. Protects the general-purpose motor inverter over all frequency range. The running level and thermal time constant 0.

Connect a PTC thermistor between terminal V2 and 11 and set the switch on control print board and the function code. Connect a NTC thermistor between terminal V2 and 11 and set the switch on control print board and the function code. Er6 will be displayed after the stop. This function bans running and displays Er6. Alarm relay output for any fault. The operation is continued.

Heat sink overheat OH1 , external alarm OH2 , overheat inside the inverter OH3 , braking resistor overheat dbH , motor overload OL1-OL4 , optional communication error Er4 , Optional error Er5 , RS communication error port1 Er8 , Speed variance excessive speed deviation ErE , RS communication error port2 ErP , DC fan lock detection, motor overload prediction, cooling fan overheat prediction, life prediction main circuit capacitor capacity, electrolytic capacitor on the print board or cooling fan , command loss detection, PID alarm output, low torque detection, thermistor detection PTC , machine life motor running accumulated time error , machine life number of starting times error.

Pollution degree 2 IEC Indoor use only. PG option is necessary.


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Fuji Frenic 5000G9S






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