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For raw serial communications it blows devices like the Bus Pirate, and it's 0. A forum member has also turned it into a 60MHz logic analyzer. The ft is that it's used in all sorts of applications. It doesn't have a JTAG header, but all the pins are available for whatever use.

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The FPGA device would normally be un-configured i. This data would define the hardware function on power up. The other FTH channel would be available for another function. When configured in this mode, the pins used and the descriptions of the signals are shown. The FTH has two independent configurable interfaces. I don't have much experience with FT's functions. Or use pDest[i]. In dual or quad interfaces ICs, we can get 2 or 4 device local ID, you need open those 2 or 4 internal device to get 2 or 4 handle, so that you can do what you want by this 2 or 4 handle.

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Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Active Oldest Votes. From the datasheet you have provided Section 3. When configured in this mode, the pins used and the descriptions of the signals are shown Also in section 4 page So they can be set independently but I can't provide further info about D2XX programming.

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FT2232 breakout board



Open-Source FTDI FT2232 JTAG and UART Adapter Board


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