When you send parcels outside the European Union EU , various regulations apply which we have summarised for you. You can download a list of EU countries and territories here. Import and customs regulation of other countries. This must always include information on the content's value, even for gifts. The information on the customs declaration helps the customs authorities to determine the country-specific customs duties and import taxes that must be paid by the recipient.

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Results: Exact: 2. Elapsed time: ms. All rights reserved. Join Reverso, it's free and fast! Register Login. These examples may contain rude words based on your search. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Suggest an example. Please fill out the Customs Declaration Form. Customs declaration references, if any Shinetime China submitted the underlying export documentation and the customs declaration. The criminal offence of making a false customs declaration persists.

Passport and customs declaration , please sir. Advance electronic customs declarations will require considerable changes to current practices and substantial investment. Europe Operators required to transmit electronic customs declarations to European administrations. Every customs declaration must include the value of your merchandise. Kenya set up an electronic system for processing customs declarations. Customs declaration : the customs declaration as defined in the Customs Code.

The lodgement of a standard customs declaration requires procedural rules specifying that when a customs declaration is lodged with different items of goods, each item is considered as a separate customs declaration. Members can also be randomly selected for inspection to verify their customs declaration. The return label can include the machine readable identifiers and a customs declaration for the merchandise. Casual imports Shipments of books to Canada by mail need a completed customs declaration attached to the package.

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Prepare your customs declaration

Sending anything outside of the EU now requires us to fill in a CN23 customs form instead of the CN this comes just as I had made the decision to only focus on small items I can post in our village letterbox, and of course the forms are bigger than the envelopes I've just bought to do this :. But what I'd like to know is how specific you are about declaring the contents of your packages on these forms. I have never looked up the Taric codes for items I've sold because I've found it too daunting, particularly when selling such a wide variety of vintage items. So far, I have only written a brief description and had no problem with this. How do you deal with these codes, especially if French is not your mother tongue, and is there any alternative to using them when exporting products outside of the EU?


Customs and export information

Due to service impacts arising from Coronavirus, not all countries, regions and territories are available to send items to at this time. Save time at the Post Office by preparing your customs declaration in advance. Save yourself the paperwork by completing your customs declaration online. You can try again later, or complete your customs declaration at a nearby Post Office when you send your parcel. We couldn't process your customs declaration.


Translation of "customs declaration CN22/CN23" in French

Results: Exact: 2. Elapsed time: ms. All rights reserved.

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