It also reports FICA taxes payable by the employer. Form is not a payment form. It documents information you need to give the IRS About your payroll tax liabilities and payments. The form includes:. Form must be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service within 30 days after the end of each quarter.

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How do you stay in compliance and avoid penalties? Correcting a previously filed employment tax return will soon be easier, when the IRS releases the new 94X series of forms in January Unlike the Form c, Supporting Statement to Correct Information, that is currently used, each new dual-purpose form will stand alone and will not need to be attached to an employment tax return.

Employers and payers can file the "X" form as soon as they discover an error, rather than having to wait to file it with the next employment tax return that is due. Form c will be obsolete when the entire 94X series is implemented for use in making corrections to Forms , , and The new forms will be available on IRS.

The Payroll Management Guide helps you resolve day-to-day payroll issues and guides you in effective payroll planning. This reporter instructs you how to implement proactive, efficient payroll procedures while ensuring compliance with federal, state and local requirements. Learn more. Topic Spotlight. Copyright Privacy Policy.

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Use Form c to provide background information and certifications supporting prior period adjustments to income, social security, and Medicare taxes reported on Form , M, SS, , or File it with the tax return on which you are claiming the adjustment Form , , , etc. You may use Form c even though you filed the original return on magnetic media or electronically. Do not use Form c as a supporting statement for current period adjustments e. No supporting statement is required for the fractions-of-cents and third-party sick pay adjustments. See your form instructions. Generally, you are not permitted to correct income tax withholding errors made in a prior calendar year.


Form 941c (Quarterly Report)


ASTM D1654-08 PDF

4.50 A. IRS Form 941: Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return




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