Not longer available click to see new compatibility The FAAC Model hydraulic swing gate operator is designed specifically for underground installation in residential applications. Because of its power and invisibility, the FAAC is ideal for large, ornamental gates. Availability: Not for Sale. Per UL all gate operators sold in the USA after February will be required to have a monitored safety photo cell to prevent accidental crushing or entrapment. Hydraulic swing gate operators are inherently safer than other types of operators because they have fewer "pinch points".

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Quick Links. Download this manual. The Operator and. Important Safety Information Technical Data The Operator The Control Panel Unpacking the Operator The Swing Gate Operator General Characteristics Installation Instructions Preparing the Gate Manual Release Installing the Operator Install the Load Bearing Box Secure the Load Bearing Box Install the Gate Leaf Shoe Install the Gate Leaf Install the Operator in the Load Bearing Box Connect the Main Power Supply Connect the Operator s to the Control Panel Check the Motor's Direction of Rotation Connect Other Devices Set Operating Controls Fine-tune the Bypass Valve Pressures Adjust the Beginning of the Braking Phase Adjust the Braking Intensity Assemble and Install the Manual Release Installing an Extension Arm Exploded View, Splined Shaft Exploded View, CR Table of Contents.

A gate is a potential traffic hazard, so it is important this system need to read and understand this that you locate the gate far enough away from the installation manual and the safety instructions road to eliminate the potential of traffic getting supplied with other components of the gate system. Page 3 When using any electrical equipment, observe some 8. To guarantee the efficiency of this equipment, the fundamental rules: manufacturer recommends that qualified personnel periodically check and maintain the equipment.

Page 4: Technical Data U. The control panel: MPS can be used to control a single operator or a dual biparting system. Page 5: Unpacking The Operator Unpacking the Operator When you receive your Operator, inspect the Load Bearing Box: shipping boxes for physical damage such as leaking oil or a torn carton.

Then inspect the operator, the mounting box, and the control panel after you remove them from the boxes. Page 6: The Swing Gate Operator General Characteristics the Standard model of the Operator and allows you The Operator with G e n t l e S w i n g Motion to operate the gate by hand from either side of the gate Management is a medium-duty operator designed to see Figure 6.

Page 9: Installation Instructions This manual does not instruct you in designing a gate, installing a gate, or basic electrical wiring. The installation tasks discussed in this manual are tasks particular to the Operator. Preparing the Gate Before you install the Operator, you must insure that the gate leaf meets the following criteria. The center of the splined shaft of the pinion bolts do not interfere with the Operator yet to be must align perfectly with the axis of rotation for installed in the box.

Page 13 and mark the position for the placement of the vertical section of the shoe. Absolute minimum of 5 in. Be sure to keep track of The greater the arc of swing in your gate leaf the closer the plugs and the rack and pinion covers in case you you are to the maximum swing of degrees , the ever need to remove the operator for repair.

Page 15 Turn both screws counter-clockwise all the in the bottom of the Operator see Figure Mate way. Later you will adjust these pressures. Page 18 Figure The terminal strip wiring of the MPS with photobeams Figure Wiring detail a inside the junction box and b from the junction box or operator to the high-voltage terminal strip on the MPS control panel Page 20 Figure Common accessories wired to MPS. Page Set Operating Controls Note: If you are using both a receiver and a See Figure 22 for the wiring of a magnetic locking decoder, hard wire the decoder and plug the device.

The potentiometer controls voltage to the is determined by the bypass valve adjustment. Page Adjust The Beginning Of The Braking Phase Note: If your gate leaf opens less than 90 deg, setting the beginning of the braking phase may have no effect Note: The Operator ships from the factory with the on the gate leaf. The only way to adjust the beginning of Page 24 Figure Install the Manual Release mm hex head on the visible end.

You need to slide this mechanism hex head into the brass fitting of the Operator that is located on the same end as the bypass valve adjustment screws see Figure Page Installing An Extension Arm Extension bar collar slides within extension U Hole in the extension bar fits around and is welded to the outside of the sleeve of the splined shaft Figure The Extension Arm, a side view and b top view Page Maintenance To check the oil level correctly, remove the oil filler cap To bleed the hydraulic system of air that might cause on the Operator.

The oil level should be at or just bouncy or jerky operation do the following: below the opening of the filler hole. Page Troubleshooting If it does not of your model of operator. For example, because the illuminate and if the batteries are okay, repair or replace CBAC has a rated opening time of 17 sec, you should the transmitter.

This manual is also suitable for: mps. Print page 1 Print document 31 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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