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Hello There, Guest! Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. New Reply. Thread Rating: 15 Vote s - 4 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Thread Modes. Order took 6 weeks to arrive. Fitted by dealer in one day. Advertising figures seem to be correct. Pity the upgrade of kw and NM seems to be limited to the first five gears in the 8 speed auto.

There is an asterix in the advert which states power limited to gears. Email PM Find. Like Reply Quote. This is pretty awesome! PM Find. F30 i Noob. Very nice , how much did it cost and honestly is it well worth the money spent? Which dealership did it for you? Still new on forum so not sure if name of dealership may be mentioned. Price of kit was R For me as a fanatic the saying rings true that any vehicle will get you from A-z but do you have a smile on your face at the end.

Bear in mind that the brakes are the M 4pod with large rotors see photo and will be replaced with same in future. Bear in mind that when ecu is fitted your service interval comes down so BMW will have to replace your oil more frequently.

Intercooler is only one row bigger but fits in easily with no hassles. I have modified my own vehicles over the years and held various records at Tarlton with one remaining since so understand that people expect large increases in modifications. This one there is a feeling of it, bit more diesel smell but plenty of response. I always do on road tests before and after on track lengths of mts and have all figures related. Times taken would relate to 3 car lengths on mts and 6 car lengths on mts.

Can you perhaps post your comparable times? Just the calipers and the brake discs are worth a small fortune. Please do a formal introduction with lots of pics of your d.

Reply Quote. Why didn't they have this upgrade for the e WC: Events Coordinator. What a car! Congrats and welcome to the forum mate! More pics and figures and stuffs! R24k seems like excellent value! I'm sure if you do all of that aftermarket, might even cost more. Here the quality is guaranteed! And motorplan is intact! Gearbox in sport gives the best figures. Do not even try manual, the gearbox beats you every time. Switch to sport and you have the extra. I will give an update on the fuel economy as soon as i have sufficient data.

Compare apples with apples and drive same route. Well done, very fair and honest results. Lovely machine and good info Great info Some decent gains. You have selected one or more posts to quote.

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Remember Me? Brigadier General. It took all day, but they persevered and finished by The parts and service guys are friendly, professional and knowledgeable so more than happy to recommend the dealership.


BMW Releases M Performance Power Kit for BMW F30 330d

All rights reserved. More on this:. Car reviews:. This, so-called PPK is supposed to give your car something around 20 extra HP and some more torque, depending on your transmission.


BMW M Performance Power Kit for F30 335i Review


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