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Carola Casoetto is a painter, printmaker and draftsman from Argentina who has exhibited nationally as well as in the United States and Spain. Her art poses elemental questions regarding the reasons for existence and what happens after death, seeking both harmony and liberation.

Casoetto uses a variety of mixed techniques and mediums in her compositions, including oil and acrylic on canvas as well as digital prints on paper. From the four elements, I worked the energy of each one associating it with the stages of life. Earth, birth. The tree trunk rings, with the constitution as human beings. Fire, youth Everything is energy, the doing, the emotions to the surface, the movement.

Water, adulthood. Ideal to reach. Experiences and calm prevail, to the rush and pressure. Air, old age. The transfer of the organic to the spiritual. We discarnate into the light, transforming ourselves into, Beings of Light, where the union between all is the light.

The vital energy that mobilizes the universe. Each stage is synthesized in the work Harmony in Chaos. We start from a chaos in constant movement, we organize ourselves, and guided by the light, we make the eternal and inexorable journey from chaos to order, between darkness and light. The moment we arrive at the core of the circle, we understand who we are and the meaning of our own lives. My path is the permanent search for my own being.

The core is the base, the strength. It communicates, relates, they are encounters and disagreements. There is movement, entrances and exits. The core has a center, connects the interior, with the exterior. Open roads, there are endless possibilities, other dimensions. On the road there is mystery, and the intention to solve it. The more I advance, the more doors open. You understand more, and new concerns also arise.

Everything is pure movement and evolution. Materiality: the different supports and tools, which represent one theme or another and their different relationships. The line is the driving axis of the corpus and represents the road traveled the black line and to travel the blanks. Astrology is an instrument that starts from scientific astronomy and serves to connect the mind to the soul of the universe. It helps to understand spiritually and psychologically our growth and transformation.

In this project, the intention is to find, through drawing and other techniques, a relationship between the qualities of each moon there are 12 moons, represented by each sign of the zodiac , their talents and refuges, and their plastic expressiveness themselves.

For this, it is necessary to synthesize the information and reduce it to the most fundamental characteristics, and then translate it, through the line, the superposition and the transparencies.

Each work is a moon for each zodiac sign. Its characteristics, be they talents or havens that is, lights and shadows of each emotional that the moon represents , are reflected in the image. The series consists of presenting the astrological moons through my visual interpretation of them. A relationship, between the emotional qualities of each moon, and the plastic expressiveness of these themselves. The particularities of each moon are synthesized to translate it plastically through the line, the superposition and the transparencies.

Eugenio Carutti. Carola Casoetto - Painter, Draftsman, Printmaker. Share this artist:. Follow this artist. Show more artworks. Show filters. See results. See slideshow. Not currently available for sale Acrylic, Oil on Canvas.

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Las lunas / Eugenio Carutti



Eugenio Carutti



La Lunas / the Moons: El Refugio De La Memoria/ the Refuge of Memory



Eugenio Carutti


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