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Quick Links. Download this manual. PN All rights reserved. Printed in USA. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Visit us at www. Table of Contents. Innovative high temperature fiber optic infrared pyrometers pages. Measuring Instruments Fluke Instruction Card Fluke and clamp meter instruction manual 2 pages. Page 3 4. This license is effective upon your acceptance of the above agreement and shall remain in effect until termination by a written notification to Fluke Networks or b a failure on your part to comply with the license agreement.

Upon termination of the license agree- ment, you shall return to Fluke Networks or destroy all copies of the software product and associated written materials. Page 4 including, without limitations, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss arising out of the use or inability to use this software product, even if Fluke Networks has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

A machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code is available for the cost of distribution. Page 10 Contents continued Locate Standard Accessories Assistant Holster Removable, form-fitting yellow holster. Storage Case Case for carrying and storing the instrument. Universal adapter RJ Female to female adapter. Table 2. Table 3. Page Care And Maintenance Knowledge Base library of product operation and application information and web-based trouble ticketing.

You can also register the instrument by going to our In addition, you will receive Fluke Networks company and website at www. To register: product information updates. To change the time and date, do the The degree of brightness is a significant factor in following: conserving battery power. Page Updating The Instrument's Software The instrument automatically checks to determine automatically restarts and you can resume testing.

If you encounter trouble updating the software, contact our Technical Assistance Center. Alternatively, you can use the You can use a remote keyboard or tap supplied AC adapter charger with or without the battery access the virtual keyboard. Note that capable of approximately four full hours of operation in you can charge the battery while it is installed or you can remove it and charge it in an external battery charger.

Release this button as soon as the powered off. When the instrument is connected to AC power, you can use the power supply as a continuous power source.

In To remove the battery, refer to the diagram in Figure 2 this way, you can test for long periods of time without and do the following Charging and Removing the Battery Green: Off: no link is present. A directional arrow indicates the column formats. To move through the information, drag the Screen-level Help is context-sensitive. It provides detailed scroll box. The main pane on the After you power on the EtherScope Network Assistant right displays the name of each test and reports its status.

Page 53 Connection Test displays of the connection. In the main pane, tap the next to Connection to Individual wires are numbered and color-coded to identify pairs. To run this test, the instrument must unlink Note from the network. In addition, the actual and advertised speed The Signal Verification test is comprised of a suite of tests and duplex of the connection is provided, enabling you that analyze the quality of the signal and establish to compare determined values with negotiated values.

The tests are designed to provide visibility into possible link quality and. In the top The Local Statistics test reports local and remote half of the pane, the types of traffic are classified bandwidth utilization and errors seen on the network. To do this, choose a discovered switch and interface source To view details: from the Source selection box. SNMP Agents Drag the scroll bar or tap the directional arrows at the bottom of the main pane to Hosts bring all of the information about a device into view.

The upper portion of the preview pane Figure 12 The Device Details screen provides name, address, shows the IP and MAC address information for the domain, and nearest switch information about the device you selected while the lower portion device, as shown in Figure Page 67 Network Assistant Monitoring and Troubleshooting a Wired LAN From this screen, you can also run specialized tests such To add a device to the discovery database: as Trace Switch Route, Trace Route, or Ping to located in the top left corner of the screen troubleshoot connectivity or performance problems and then select Instrument Settings.

Then tap to expand the list. If no switch is selected, select one from the Switch Scan Test Select a device list box. The top portion of the preview pane shows the port number, VLAN identifier, speed of the interface, and number of connected hosts. The Description column provides a brief description of the nature of the problem along with its assigned severity level.

To delete a problem from the log: The Device Details screen Figure 13 is displayed. On Select the problem. The remote device must be an EtherScope Network performance of your network.

Repeat this procedure to add additional devices for use in the individual tests. To set configuration parameters that apply to all RFC tests and devices: Select the desired subtest or device and then tap to display the configuration screen and set Select RFC Tests and then tap the desired parameters.

Use the radio buttons to select the View Mode table or graph. Then, select Instrument Settings. On the local unit, complete the following: In the preview pane, tap the General hyperlink. Although EtherScope Network Assistant is designed to provide as much automated configuration as possible, The local unit keeps track of the number of frames every network is different.

If you want to manually configure the IP address or change the subnet mask, do the following: Note When manually assigning an IP address, you can Page You can change this address to enable The Connection Log provides detail about the The fields and controls on the Security screen are disabled until a user successfully enters the password and logs in using the Login button.

Press the release tab located on the back of the adapter. W Caution Remove fiber Do not pull the fiber adapter without pressing adapter dust the release tab or damage to the adapter may cover.

The The Channels Test scans all channels in the To monitor basic vital signs, such as signal strength or noise, select the desired metric from the Channel Metric box.

The instrument examines each device it discovers to learn Tap Top Talkers. Tap Client Top Talker. Tap Network Discovery. You can use Site Survey The Network Discovery details screen shows you the information as a starting point for planning and network hierarchy, which provides an indication of The Security Scan test performs a security check on your network.

Note The threshold setting specifies a value above or below which a monitored class of events is considered a problem. On most screens, a button is available that enables you to create reports and save them in a web- viewable file. Viewing a Report To view a report: to save. Managing Reports Note The following procedure shows you how to The File Manager provides access to your saved reports, view a report from the File Manager.

Page Ping Network Assistant Running the Diagnostic Tests Ping Trace Switch Route The Ping test is a general-purpose connectivity tool that The Trace Switch Route test can help you solve you can use to determine if a device on the network is connectivity and configuration problems by tracing the reachable. The device must be connected as a client to the network.

Before running this test, you need to configure the appropriate SSID. The instrument interval from the Update every box. Page Test Results screen.

Telnet: lets you access a remote computer so that you can check or change its configurations. You can use this utility in a Cisco with your EtherScope Network Assistant and provides environment to quickly discover and display suggestions to help you solve them. Suggestion : Connect the instrument to the AC adapter. If Suggestion : Check the following: the instrument powers on only when connected to the AC adapter, the internal battery may be completely Try a different cable, if necessary.

From the Test Results screen, tap to expand the Suggestion : Try navigating around the display to Page Index Index charging, 20 conserving power, 21, 32 —8— icon, 33 installing, 21 Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.


Fluke EtherScope Series II Network Assistant

The handheld EtherScope analyzer assists network professionals with installation, validation and troubleshooting of Gigabit LANs and Install and integrate infrastructure easily by testing, verifying and fixing configuration issues during deployment. Validate network performance and service delivery by measuring key performance attributes and the availability and responsiveness of essential resources. Diagnose LAN health with one click.


Fluke EtherScope Series II Network Assistant Pro LAN and Wireless Analyzer Specs



Fluke etherscope II Getting Started Manual


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