Colours are lively and dynamic, but stay firmly on the natural side. Skin-tones are fleshed out with believable shadows and realistic contours around the face, delivering just the right amount of detail without needing to show every single hair follicle. The Epson packs a punch with its highlights. Metal weapons glint dangerously, fluorescent lights are pleasingly bright and daylight scenes are appropriately sunny and warm. Motion, on the other hand, is smooth across all content.

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Each color can be adjusted individually with both the brightness, tone and saturation. The remote is good but lacks backlit buttons or any direct buttons for brightness and contrast. Since LCD projectors do not have a color wheel with a white segment, but instead make white by mixing all the colors, the brightness in white is as high as when the brightness of each color are added together. It provides a higher color saturation than DLP projectors in the same price range.

It has good 'punch' in the colors, but they are a bit exaggerated. Faces have neutral skin tones and a fresh glow. The sharpness of beard stubble is not quite in the same class as the very best, but certainly good enough for a projector at this price. Switch to maximum lamp mode and Epson suddenly becomes the second brightest - still at full color saturation. If I were to buy a projector for use in daylight, it would be this one.

Unfortunately, Epson have pretty dull blacks. But the scenes in daylight look very good. One can get better blacks by activating the dynamic iris, but personally I prefer to have it turned off. Main unit Quick Start Guide Remote control incl. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Epson EH-TW It is very possible that this is the best-in-class daylight projector. Dark scenes become lifeless and lose tension. The remote control has no illuminated buttons.

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Epson EH-TW5200

And a Epson have always made incredible high end theatre projectors but for the first time they've built a Full HD home theatre projector for the entry level market and with impressive results. The EH-TW offers fantastic brightness solid contrast and great The EH-TW is Epson's latest home cinema projector, providing a low cost option with the promise of big screen action and increased colour brightness.


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For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. Showcase bright Full HD 3D and 2D video games, as well as movies and sport events, on the big screen with easy set up and no lag time. If the projector is suspended from a ceiling or wall mount and installed in an environment with heavy oil smoke or places where oils or chemicals are volatilized, places where a lot of smoke or bubbles are used for event staging, or where aroma oils are frequently burned, it can make certain parts of our products susceptible to a material degradation which over time could break and cause the projector to drop from the ceiling. If you are concerned about the environment in which your projector is installed, or if you have any other questions, please contact our support department and they can provide additional assistance. We use cookies on our website. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our use of cookies.


Epson EH-TW5200 review

Equipment supplied by Epson Australia is designed to function in conjunction with genuine Epson consumables and accessories specifically configured for it. Usage Conditions Epson products are designed and made to give highly reliable use and long life when used according to its specifications. With any system, product or device used in situations where human life may be involved or at risk, Epson advises that you should take all necessary steps to ensure the suitability of your Epson product for inclusion in your system, and recommends that you include fail-safe procedures and redundancy support or backup equipment in your system, to maintain the maximum safety margin and optimum system reliability. Oops, it looks like the system is down.

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