High insulation thermal break window system, with total face width of mm. High thermal insulation performance thanks to the application of 24mm glass reinforced polyamide bars Mechanism: GU mechanism, Unijet type sheet max. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

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Windows make a significant contribution to the style and character of your house. They are not only a decorative element, but also have a decisive influence on your quality of life within your own four walls. Windows affect the entire atmosphere of a room.

The value of your house can is also increased through high-quality windows. The right "window architecture" also provides your home with a visual focus. The savings potential is enormous. The various materials aluminium, PVC-U and steel can be combined with a whole range of shapes, colours and design elements. Narrow profile provides maximum transparency and the mounting depth of 75 mm provides to the window improved reliability and enhanced durability.

HI - an impressive feature of system is improved thermal insulation with a basic depth of 70 mm. An average Uf value of 1. Small frame and vent profile dimensions allow a large glass area. The added transparency and brightness visibly increases the level of comfort in your home. Saves precious energy and reduce heating costs thanks to extended insulation area and optimized middle sealing. SI - Passive House standard. In conjunction with the impressive properties of aluminium, a wide range of design options and sustainable building can become a future-proof reality like never before.

The new SlimLine 68 outward opening windows allow for maximum daylight access and feature excellent weather resistance and optimal insulation properties. This makes SlimLine 68 windows the ideal solution for renovation purposes in domestic buildings and new builds as well.

The unique concept of the system makes it perfectly suitable for triple glazing. For a modern minimalistic appearance of joinery MasterLine 8 offers the Hidden Vent profile system. With Hidden Vent profiles the vents are covered by the outer frames and transoms, which allows for a concealed install of the window elements behind the window reveal.

Within composed elements opening elements cannot be distinguished from fixed panes, giving facades a refined look. The new systems ELVIAL XCLUSIVE 86i2 and meet the highrequirements for maximum thermal insulation, sound insulation,safety and absolute waterproofing, but also give freedom of movementto the modern architect with numerous design options window wallconstruction, window box structure etc.

ELVIAL It covers the particular needs of architects, with exceptional level of watertightness and wind pressure until Pa for certified double sash frame in the largest dimensions 2. Excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction. Certified burglary resistance of WK2 category. Impressive level of water resistance and air permeability of Pa certified for double sash opening frame in the largest dimensions 1. Excellent Functionality for a lifetime, with: Innovative corners flatness of polyamide material with a specially designed hole channels and the inflow of glue, ensuring maximum durability and perfect fit profiles.

Connection Angles on race, exclusively designed to fit the pin of the hinge so that the weight of the glazing to be transferred to them. Reinforced wall thickness profile 1. Perfect functionality: 3 Axis polyamide alignment corners with channels for glue inflow, for extra rigidity of the final product. Corner Joints with specially designed recesses to fasten the hinge pinsabsorbing the glazing weight and ensuring long lasting operation of the final product.

Special drainage channels on the frame and on the sash, which prevent water from flowing inside the inner part of the profile.


ELVIAL multilock systems EL 4600 Thermal insulated

Impressive level of water resistance and air permeability of Pa certified for double sash opening frame in the largest dimensions 1. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Material: aluminum Technical characteristics: thermally-insulated. View the catalog Go to the Elvial website for more information.




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