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Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. Home Forum Help Calendar Articles. Author Topic: The Eldar firestorm Read times. Armies: Eldar, Harlequins. Just looking at the stats for it, i perceive that it might feasibly be of use in certain games. However, none of my opponents field flyers, so my question is this: can the firestorm fire at ground-based targets? My back-up argument is that the Tau Skyray is a designated anti-flyer tank, yet is allowed by its rules to fire upon ground-based targets too.

Thoughts please? I was thinking of a cheap and cheerful conversion to fit straight onto the upper hull of one of my Falcons, to use-up the preponderance of left-over scatterlasers i seem to be collecting in my bitz-box Do any of you use one, or have used one if only proxied?

How did you get on? Thanks, Reborn. Weapons mounted in an AA mount may still fire at ground targets by the normal rules. An AA mount on a weapon Which the Firestorm and Imperial Hydra Flak tank allows it only to avoid the negative restriction on the to hit roll when firing against fliers. All other normal rules apply. Now you wouldn't even think about upsetting me in my home, would you?

Of course you wouldn't. So do what I say, when I say, and I won't get upset. I do bad things when I'm upset. It is your responsibility to prove you are right. Thanks Koonitz, cheers for the answer.

When you mention negative restriction, are you elluding to the increased range modifier? Thanks again mate, Reborn. Right, thanks. Armies: Iyanden Spirit Host. I thought AA mounts negated the accuracy penalty for mounted weapons, as well as allowing certain especially heavy weapon to target flyers. They still must test for range to the flyer which they will usually have BTW. The big benefit to having flyers is that they are hard to hit with mounted weapons. At least as of my last IA book Note: Sorry, appears that this was dealt with in the above BTW: alluding I stand corrected.

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The Firestorm Anti-Aircraft Tank , more commonly referred to simply as the Firestorm, is a pretty damned rare Eldar tank built on a Falcon chassis and is used primarily for anti-aircraft coverage in Eldar armies hence the name. They are only employed in unique cases where Eldar aircraft are not available to achieve air superiority over the enemy, such as the Baran War, where only vehicles Falcon-sized or smaller could fit through the Wraithgates. The Firestorms are never deployed in great numbers, and only when there is not enough Nightwings to provide effective fighter protection and airstrikes or the great threat of enemy air attacks. In order to combat enemy aircraft, the Firestorm comes with the aptly named Firestorm Scatter Lasers which are a complex array of triple-barreled Scatter Lasers that combine high accuracy with the capability of sustained fire. Not only is this great against aircraft but also against enemy blobs that like to use Zerg rushes such as Orks or Tyranids , making them a nightmare against non-MEQ's.


Firestorm Anti-Aircraft Tank






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