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New Features of Versions 7. Revision: Copyright: All rights reserved, especially the rights to duplicate, distribute and translate. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any mean s, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, microfilming, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission from AUCOTEC AG. Liability disclaimer : Texts and software have been prepared with the greatest of care. The publishers as well as the authors cannot assume any legal or other liability of any nature for potential faulty statements and their consequences.

Contents Table. General Innovations. Status Boxes with Residual Runtime Display. Simplified Access to Online Documentation. Pre-allocating Project Settings as Standard. New Features in Drawing Editing. Unicode Texts in the Symbol Mask.

Navigating from Cores into the Tree. Extended Test Functions for Drawings. Representing Locations Graphically. Exporting Inserted Images. Adjustable Angular Offset of Connections. Code Number Extended. Exchange Symbols with Connector Reduction. New Features in Project Editing. Revision of Lines, Rectangles and Circles. Extension of the Project History. Editing Server Projects in the Read-only Mode. Storing all Error Messages in the Error List.

New Features in List Editing. Multiple Protocol Export to Drawings. Conversion of the Character During List Export. New Features in Terminal Editing. Navigation from the Terminal Diagram to the Drawing. Unfreezing Terminal Numbers in the Item Editor. Extension of the Terminal Block Designer. Specifying Entries for Block-related Terminal Diagrams. New Features in Cable Editing. Creating the cable list from the Item tree.

New Interface Features. Handling Copy Errors in the Generating Interface. With the development of the versions 7. With the current versions many editing steps become even more efficient, and the operation becomes even easier. As always, the main focus of all extensions is on the compatibility of your data and easier handling.

The present list includes all 7. ELCAD offers status boxes for all actions that run over a longer period of time. You get information about. Thus it becomes easy for you to adopt documentation that hitherto was only available in printed form into your electronic data processing and archiving jobs.

After read-in you can also carry out graphic modifications and add supplements. This "Advanced Tiff-Import" solution requires a separate license. With the Advanced Tiff import you can import all Tiff files of a folder into your project if you do not need individual assignments of properties to individual draw- ings multi-import. With this method the definition of the import rule file is quite simple, the sheet number in the last level is simply incremented.

If you want to assign single sheets individual properties such as form symbol, draw- ing name, drawing number, plant, function, location, sheet comment or other techni- cal attributes, you can do this by using a more complex import rule file that specifies the future properties for each TIFF file. Prerequisites for the import. To begin with specify a template proj ect where you can store the forms and form specifications as templates in empty drawings.

This project should contain empty drawings with filled-out administrative entries in the form sheets, which are then used as templates for the import of the Tiff files. Then create a new project fo r reading in the Tiff drawings into which you can import the drawings. Your user directory contains two examples of import rule files under the name "Tiff-Import-Template. You can use these files to view the settings for the Tiff import in exemplary form or to rede- fine them for your purposes.

Copy one of the rule files into the directory with the scanned Tiff files and modify it there see below. Fill out the dialog "Advanced Tiff import" and start the function with [OK]. Settings in the import rule file. Single import. For an individual import job you can assign each Tiff file an individual template drawing columns B to F , an individual drawing designation columns G to K and can make assignments for plant, function and location columns M to O as well as additional ELCAD code numbers.

Thus it is possible to manage the documents in relation to objects. Many users who work with frequently changing projects wanted the project settings to be the default settings in the options. If you wish the tab for the project settings to be permanently open, then set the fol- lowing INI switch in the aucotec. If the switch is set to 0 or not present, th en ELCAD opens the options as before with the default user settings. Thus you can now use translate texts and have them displayed in translated form also for the meaning and the tabs in the edit mask of Drawing Editing.

To do this, enter translate references under "Meaning" in the symbol design; these are then displayed in translated form according to the current translate setting. The navigation function GOTO from cores to the drawings to the object in the tree has been distinctly improved in version 7. For a non-evaluated core there appears first of all a message that the device has not yet been entered. The subsequent behav- iour depends on the data. If the code is empty, the cable is opened in the tree and the first core is marked.

If the code is filled and if there is an entry with the same name in the tree, then the cursor is placed on the core with the same name. If the code is filled but there is no entry with the same name in the tree, then the cursor is placed cable that is not opened. With version 7. The selection accesses the predefined assignment list. For the code numbers absolute address and symbolic address you get a selection button in the symbol editing dialog. You enter the option via the [.

With the button [ ], you can moreover also use a filter for the data selection. You can set test functions for drawings in the program interface; these functions have been extended by two new tests in version 7. Symbols missing in symbol libraries. This function shows the reference points of symbols in a drawing that do not occur in the predefined symbol libraries an d can therefore not be represented. Wired terminal connector without designation.

You can use this function to check whether it has been forgotten to assign a connec- tor designation to terminals with the code This test function was already avail- able as separate command in the command line. Moreover the display of the marking arrows has been modified so that they are no longer reduced in large drawing formats, thus remaining visible.

You can graphically display the location information in a symbol that is linked to the database and is automatically updated during subsequent project editing. Moreover you can represent all code numbers of the location table in this symbol. This can e. The location symbol must be of the symbol type 2 and must contain the symbol class specification 15 in code number If you have inserted an image into a drawing and then find out that the original file is no longer accessible, you get with ELCAD 7.

In several Windows fonts, the small Greek character "theta" is displayed as follows. The required representation exists only in some fonts. For this purpose activate th e checkbox "Use small theta as technical symbol". Please note that you must use Windows fonts for this purpose and that this character is present only in a small number of fonts e. With other fonts the character is not displayed properly. Simply activate the checkbox "Save filter". Up to now automatic angular connections started with the triple of the current grid.

There were requests to have this value adjustable. In addition to the option to enable or disable the automatic angular connection, now there is an adjustable minimum distance at which the automatic angular connection starts. The default value is 2.


Modification of existing drafts with AUCOTEC Engineering Base software

New Features of Versions 7. Revision: Copyright: All rights reserved, especially the rights to duplicate, distribute and translate. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any mean s, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, microfilming, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission from AUCOTEC AG. Liability disclaimer : Texts and software have been prepared with the greatest of care.



It is designed for electro-mechanical engineering and plant construction. The engineering system provides a complete solution for planning, construction, operation and maintenance of electrical plants from a wide range of industries. It ensures high flexibility and adaptability to special labeling instructions, engineering processes and documentation regulations. ELCAD is compliant with the international standards, and can be acquired in versions with different languages from Aucotec's global partner network. It also works with the E-engineering systems' market leaders, and has various references from its worldwide user network including the leading companies within their sector.

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