This is just what some people have been waiting for. In this Chekovian family drama, Cabrujas slices through history and offers us a view of this point in time which is fascinating to reinterpret now, over seven decades later. Their house is dreamy, full of exotic and decorative objects which betray something of their romantic yearning for another way of life. Her cynical elder sister, Elvira, does not approve. Matilde is beside herself with excitement with the idea that the man they saw perform at theTeatro Principal will be dining with them at their own home. He reminds them all, including Gardel, that while Caracas is entranced by this tango star, there are innocent people being tortured and imprisoned by the regime and that this situation has gone on for over 27 years.

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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. What About You? A day , Carlos Gardel appears in Caracas, the same day a successor is sought for Lenin who has died. Rituals and myths, idols and leaders combine in a kind of dance — to a tango rhythm.

Was Gardel an idealist or did Lenin perhaps die singing a tango? From the director. We suggested a get together… remember? We discovered an excellent Mexican author, Sabina Berman, and also greatly enjoyed the work of the new Argentine partnership, Roberto Cossa and Mauricio Kartun.

The Poetry Marathon was more successful than ever, considering the high quality and quantity of the participants. Well, the moment has arrived for our season to end and we begin by saying see you soon…We are certain that we are presenting a golden finale for this entire season which was conceived and produced especially for you. This satirical comedy takes us on a journey through the old Caracas in a period colored by its customs, charms, values, political upheavals, and, above all, a great sense of history; all of this is suspended in space when the legendary Tango singer Carlos Gardel materializes in the lives of the people of Caracas.

Only Cabrujas could carry this off… Case closed… The rest is up to you, the audience. One met with death from a lack of water and the other from an excess of it.

These facts, which seem rather ironic, are in essence that: a secret irony. Behind the amused grin we are left with respect, reflection, and nostalgia knowing that humor is the most certain thing in the life and work of both of these men: a great singer and a great writer. And carrying on with this thought… without forgetting the freedom of his ideas, his words, his literary exercises, and above all, his lust for real life, and his palpable presence in every presentation and staging of his work….

It is to that Cabrujas that I would like to say that I still do not believe that he has died and so I do not miss him nor mourn him.

Because when I remember him and re-read his work, I believe that his writing gets better by the day. Mario Marcel — Artistic Director. About the author. Together they are the most important quartet of contemporary Venezuelan playwrights. In his drama, Cabrujas explored the existential dimensions of Venezuelan men and women, uncovering their isolation, exacerbated by the loneliness and dearth of communication in which they lived.

To achieve his goal, he examined their past as a way to interpret their present, employing a language that pushed expressive dimensions to its limits. From various perspectives he sought to portray to his audiences the many challenges his protagonists faced in their daily lives, challenges from which they often recoiled because, more often than not, the leap was metaphysical. His work struggled with immobility and passivity, which are destructive and disabling. In both, the past is used as a template to shed light upon the present, which makes both works somewhat didactic and partisan.

His trademark is critical analysis hidden behind the veil of entertainment, in his representations of the contemporary man. The central theme is that of perpetual acts of dishonesty.

That meeting provokes an extraordinary decision by another character, the romantic communist Pio Miranda….

They are the culmination of all his theatercraft, his coupe de theatre, which in one way or another he did not attain in his other works.

This trio shows his uncanny ability to weave a tale around the same spirit: the feeling conveyed by our myths and cultural beliefs, a substantial cultural impetus that earned him national acclaim and recognition in Venezuela and around the world.

Edgar Antonio Moreno-Uribe. Theater critic and cultural commentator in major Venezuelan newspapers. Author of nine books about the history and criticism of Venezuelan theater. From the director We suggested a get together… remember? Cast Pio Vera Soltero Elvira Nucky Walder Matilde Jorge Borges Gardel We're Going Forward… More Eager. The Day You Love Me.

Directed by Mario Marcel. Photo Gallery.


El Día Que Me Quieras (The Day You'll Love Me)



El día que me quieras




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