Emoticon Emoticon. EC Mobile Communication Syllabus. To make the students to know about the various modulation techniques, propagation methods, coding and multi access techniques used in the mobile communication. Various wireless network systems and standards are to be introduced. This also demonstrates the principle of trunking efficiency and how trunking and interference issues between mobile and base stations combine to affect the overall capacity of cellular systems.

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Give any four examples of wireless communication systems. What is a base station? What is EDGE? Give the channel bandwidth for the same. List any four advantages of third generation 3G mobile networks. What are the advantages of micro cell zone concept? What are the reasons for choosing Hexagonal cells? Write four objectives of channel assignment strategies.

What is borrowing strategy in channel assignment? Define MAHO. What is the method to use the limited spectrum to unlimited subscribers? Write the formula for co-channel reuse ratio. What is cell splitting? List the methods to improve coverage and capacity in cellular systems. What are the most popular standards of second generation? Explain the cellular system architecture in detail. Explain in detail the various applications of GPRS. Explain in detail the architecture of GPRS.

Explain the concept of frequency reuse in detail. Explain the operations of cellular systems. Explain the various types of Handoff processes. How many users per square kilometers will this system support? What is the probability that a delayed call will have to wait for more than 10s? What is the probability that the call will be delayed for more than 10 seconds? Assume each user generates 0.

What are all the three basic propagation mechanisms in mobile communication system? Calculate the Fraunhofer distance of an antenna at 60MHz for a maximum dimension of 1m. What is Point-to-point mode prediction and Area mode prediction in Longely- Rice propagation model? Mention any for Indoor propagation models 5. Calculate the Brewster angle for a wave impinging on ground having a permittivity of 4 r.

List out the three small-scale fading effects of multipath in the radio channel. What are the two advantages of the spread spectrum channel sounding system? What is Doppler shift? List out the types of small-scale multipath measurements techniques Consider a transmitter, which radiates a sinusoidal carrier frequency of MHZ.

For a vehicle moving 60mph, compute the received carrier frequency if the mobile is moving directly away from the transmitter. What is level crossing rate? Define Doppler spread and Write the relationship between Doppler spread and Coherence time. What is meant by Coherence bandwidth? Differentiate Fast fading and Slow fading in Small Scale fading What are the Time Dispersion Parameters of Multipath channels? The carrier frequency used for this system is MHz. Find the length and the gain of the receiving antenna.

Derive the Equation of the Path loss for the two-ray model with Antenna gains. The background noise at the frequency of operation is dbm. If the transmitter power is 10 W, transmitter antenna gain is 3 dbi, the receiver antenna gain is 2 dbi, the frequency of operation is MHz, and the base station and mobile heights are m and 1.

Calculate a Free space path loss model. Assume antenna gains to be unity 4 4. Discuss about the following Outdoor propagation models. Derive the Impulse response model of a Multipath channel 7. If the mobile moves directly to the direction of arrival of the first component and directly away from the direction of arrival of the second component. The narrow band and wide band received power over the interval The average narrow band received power.

What are the factors influencing small scale fading? Explain detail about type of small scale fading? Derive expression for the Clarke s model for flat fading? Find the average fade duration. How long would it take to make these measurements, assuming they could be made in real time from a moving vehicle?

What is me Doppler spread BD for the channel? Name the four space diversity reception techniques. What is meant by decision feedback equalization?

Write any three advantages of Constant envelope modulation. Mention the bit error probability of GMSK. Write the four important properties of MSK.

Define absolute bandwidth. Name any three parameters useful to calculate BER. What is the use of CMA? What is Non-linear equalization? Explain the two methods used in 2G and 3G system 3. Write notes on M-ary Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. Explain MFSK and describe its frequency spectrum. Bring out the salient features of the GMSK modulation scheme. Explain the GMSK. What is meant by vocoders? Which one is the most popular vocoding system? What are the approaches available in LPC excitation methods?

What is self-jamming in CDMA? Why is CDPD advantageous? What are the advantages of RELP codec? What are the characteristics of the speech codec for Mobile communication?

Give the expression for finding channel capacity for a radio system. Explain the types of duplexing. Define vocoders. Explain the types of vocoders. Explain the types of MA techniques used in Wireless communication system.

Explain the concept of CDMA. Explain in detail the excitation methods available in LPC. Explain in detail 9. Explain in detail? What is interoperator roaming? Enumerate the various interfaces used in GSM? What is the purpose of SIM? What are the five functional entities of a DECT system? What are the benefits of WLL? What is Bluetooth? List out the three types of dedicated control channels in GSM 9. Write the frequency and channel specifications of IS standard.

Enumerate the different types of common control channels. What are the advantages of CCS over conventional Signaling?


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Give any four examples of wireless communication systems. What is a base station? What is EDGE? Give the channel bandwidth for the same. List any four advantages of third generation 3G mobile networks. What are the advantages of micro cell zone concept?

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