Am I the last one in this group to us Analog Exif? What a fantastic tool to add Hello everyone, just a quick question: Has anybody worked with a Durst Laborator and a W bulb? Is it possible for short exposure times without the fan?

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Discussion in ' Enlarging ' started by dfoo , Dec 17, Share This Page. Thread Tools. Dec 17, 1. Messages: I just managed to pick up a a Durst laborator It has a condenser head with two condensers and The condensers seem in great shape! It also has a working bulb, which is good.

It has a single piece of glass on the bottom. Is the carrier supposed to have a second piece of glass to go over the negative? Does anyone know what the correct bulb is for this enlarger? I looked online but the bulb I found associated is some halogen thing, which this bulb definitely is not. Lastly, the lens is a Schneider componon.

Unfortunately, it is a bit cloudy. I removed the top part of the lens to reveal the aperture blades, and both sides are cloudy. I couldn't quite work out how to take apart the remainder so I thought I'd ask here. Anyone got any ideas?

Dec 17, 2. You can download the full manual here: www. Dec 17, 3. Thanks for that. The manual says that the carrier has two plates of glass. The top glass plate can be replaced by a surface treated glass I guess this is anti-newton glass.

Thats a bit annoying, as my carrier only has a single plate of glass on the bottom. Dec 17, 4. Messages: 1, There are also Durst single glass 4x5 carrier with glass on the bottom only, one is hiding in my darkroom. The top half has no mounting clips for a sheet of glass. Edit: You can prob buy a replacement piece of AN glass from the fellow in Florida?

The front element s of the Componon will probably come out if you remove the front element retaining ring on the lens. Look on the outer edge of the ring for a couple of shallow slots for a spanner wrench. The rear lens cell will be similar. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 18, Dec 17, 5. Cheers, -andrew. Dec 17, 6. Dec 18, 7. I don't have a condenser head for it.

Dec 18, 8. Messages: 2, Dec 18, 9. I also have a Durst M The negative holder for that enlarger is awesome. It has two pieces of glass, and 4 blades for masking. Could you ask for more! I guess I'll order a piece from one of the online suppliers. Dec 18, I was looking at the condenser guide. For and film it recommends a different set of condensers.

Does it really matter ie: will I just be left with longer printing times? I'd be interested in knowing where you buy it from. For my glass neg carrier, the 2nd sheet is merely held in place thru tape as a hinge. Don't know if this is standard or custom since I'm the 2nd owner. On the Otoneg 2 carrier which came standard with the L, there are supposed to be two beveled sheets of glass which fit in the carrier in the same slots used by the metal masks which can be used instead of the glass.

The top sheet of glass can be an anti-Newton glass. Both pieces of glass are meant to be held in place with a spring-loaded clip which fits over the bevel of the glass. At least that's what it looks like on mine, and what the book seems to be saying. I found some parts online at Dead Link Removed.

However, a call to them revealed that they've closed down, and no longer have any parts available. The prices were good, and they were in Canada too. However, "no bevel" doesn't sound good! I looked at that, but my glass is bigger than that, about 5 x 6. You're right, no bevel doesn't sound good. The AN glass is the anti-Newton. They do make custom sizes, but looking at their price list I'll bet that's not cheap! Jan 1, I sent a message to Focal Point asking about their AN glass.

They replied, saying they can cut the glass for me. However, he also said: "Yes our AN glass is suitable for using as the top sheet of glass on your enlarger, but if you use a condenser type light source it's possible that the texture of the glass could show up in clear sky areas of your photos. On the other hand I have some customers using condenser enlargers that have no problem with the AN glass at all.

However, the thread size is something strange and I don't have a lens board that fits it. I think its probably 50mm and my closest board is very slightly smaller. What are my options here? Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, Messages: 9, If you are using condensers, I 'd avoid any glass carrier as 4x5 film holds pretty flat. For other formats, you can usually get by without the glass, but not always.

The haze is probably fungus. The superficial stuff comes off easily but it usually leaves a permanent etching on the lens coating. If you clean it gently on all exposed surfaces and not try to 'polish' the coating, then stop down to 16 or 22 it may work just fine.

I recently cleaned two 'junk' Componons and in side-by-side comparisons to new Componon-s lenses the loss of contrast from the fungus damage was noticeable but very minor. Messages: 4, Jan 2, Thanks for the hints guys. I'll keep my eye out for the other condensers. Messages: 2. Hi there, You're lucky to find a Durst Lab Since I've acquired two big Dursts, the old Laborator 54, and a Laborator , this sold as scrap! Yes, the and condensers are for 4x5; the others to watch out for are: the plus for 6x7 or 6x9; the plus for 6x6; the and 90 for 35mm.

The standard screw-in tungsten 75w or w enlarger bulbs seem to go on for ever. For each condenser-to-lens setup, stop the lens down, and with no neg in the carrier try every distance and position of the bulb till the panel of light on the board is as even as you can get it.

Mark the positions with tape! You can also tilt AND slide the lens on these Dursts; you can straighten out perpective and keep edge to edge sharpness on a tilted easel. The neg carriers on the big Dursts can be more fiddly than Omega neg plates so classically simple , but the steadiness and build quality of the big Dursts is phenomenal, and negs stay cooler.

When I look at notes on the back of old prints I see how many good ones were made with the big Dursts. Great machines. Rory, South Africa. Jan 3,

CSR 8311 PDF

HEILAND ELECTRONIC LED Cold Light Source for Durst Laborator 1000 condensor

A months ago saw the CL81 8x10 film reel on kickstarter. I have a great Durst Laborator enlarger. It looks like it's built like a tank. Unfortunately, with 4x5 sheets, I have a lot of vignetting. According to the manual, the enlarger needs an opal bulb of at least 90mm diameter approx 3. I've been looking everywhere but I looks like it's impossible to still find such a bulb.


Adapting a Durst Laborator 1000 condenser head to work with LEDs

Item : Mailorder availability: Special order item. Request more info. Ask a question Print. Description Recommended accessories Replace the current light source of your enlarger with a long-term stable modern LED panel light.


Discussion in ' Enlarging ' started by dfoo , Dec 17, Share This Page. Thread Tools. Dec 17, 1.



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