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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Any reference to trademarked product names used within this publication is owned by their respective companies. Page 5 4. Page Short Names 10 way connector Maximum cable size 2.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Any reference to trademarked product names used within this publication is owned by their respective companies. Page 5 4. Page Short Names 10 way connector Maximum cable size 2. Page Communication Ports DSE series to access these engine parameters with no physical connection to the sensor device.

Part No. Using the DSE Configuration Suite Software, the operator is then able to control the module, starting or stopping the generator, selecting operating modes, etc. Page Rs GSM modem for more remote communications. Many PCs are not fitted with an internal RS serial port.

Page Rs One advantage of the RS interface is the large distance specification 1. The operator is then able to control the module, starting or stopping the generator, selecting operating modes, etc. Page Sounder 3. Withdraw the fixing clip screw turn anticlockwise until only the pointed end is protruding from the clip. This additionally provides strain relief to the cable loom by removing the weight of the loom from the screw connectors, thus reducing the chance of future connection failures.

For dimension and mounting details, see the section entitled Specification, Dimension and mounting elsewhere in this document. DSE Part No. Recommended cable type - Belden Max distance m 1km when using Belden or direct equivalent. Page Typical Wiring Diagrams Genset manufacturers and panel builders may use these diagrams as a starting point, however you are referred to the completed system diagram provided by your system manufacturer for complete wiring detail.

Further wiring suggestions are available in the following DSE publications, available at www. Page Earth Systems The typical wiring diagrams located within this document are designed and show connections for a negative earth system the battery negative is connected to Earth 4. There are two possible locations for the current transformers in the system: 1 Generator : The CTs are used to measure and display generator current only.

The typical wiring diagrams in the preceding section all show the CT measuring the generator load. On when the mains is within limits and able to take load. Generator Available LED. Close Generator LED. Page Viewing The Instrument If no buttons are pressed upon entering an instrumentation page, the instruments will be displayed automatically subject to the setting of the LCD Scroll Timer.

Page Status Factory setting of Status screen showing engine stopped Depending upon configuration and instrument function, some of the instrumentation items may include a tick icon beside them. The modem screens appear only when the module has been configured for use with a modem. Modem diagnostic screens are included; You may need to install a terminal program on your PC and consult your modem supplier to do this.

GSM modems Page 70 The factory settings are for the module to communicate at baud, modbus slave address Required settings are shown below. The code interpreted by the module shows on the display as a text message. Page Viewing The Event Log series log is capable of storing the last log entries. Under default factory settings, the event log only includes shutdown and electrical trip alarms logged The event log does not contain Warning alarms , however this is configurable by the system designer using the DSE Configuration Suite software.

This will clear any alarm conditions for which the triggering criteria have been removed. This continues until all Dummy Load Control outputs have been de-energised. Page 81 Oil pressure switch must be closed to indicate low oil pressure MPU version only When the engine has stopped, it is possible to send configuration files to the module from DSE Configuration Suite PC software and to enter the Front Panel Editor to change parameters.

As the controller is in STOP mode, the engine will not be started. Viewing the instruments and event logs is NOT affected by panel lock. Activate auto mode be pressing the pushbutton. Page Engine Running depending upon configuration add dummy loads or remove non-essential loads.

Activate Manual mode be pressing the pushbutton. NOTE:- If a digital input configured to panel lock is active, changing module modes will not be possible. Activate test mode be pressing the pushbutton. Load will be automatically transferred from the mains supply to the generator. Page Operation Dual Mutual Standby Always refer to your configuration source for the exact sequences and timers observed by any particular module in the field.

Dual Mutual Standby will allow the generators to operate fully automatically, starting and stopping as required with no user intervention, with the master backed up by the slave. Page Protections Disabled The system designer provides this switch not DSE so its location will vary depending upon manufacturer, however it normally takes the form of a key operated switch to prevent inadvertent activation.

Depending upon configuration, a warning alarm may be generated when the switch is operated. They do not appear on the LCD of the module as a text message. However an output or LED indicator can be configured to draw the operators attention to the event. Example Alarm Charge Failure Warning In the event of an alarm the LCD will jump to the alarms page, and scroll through all active warnings and shutdowns.

This feature is available from V4 onwards. See the section entitled Protections Disabled elsewhere in this document.

Shutdowns are latching alarms and stop the Generator. Page 98 Can datalink, the engine shuts down. The alarm automatically resets once the generator loading current falls below the Trip level unless All Warnings are latched is enabled.

If full load is surpassed, the Immediate Warning alarm is triggered, the set continues to run. Page Maintenance Alarm Activating a input that has been configured to maintenance x reset, where x is the number of the maintenance alarm 1 to 3.

If the module has a PIN code set, this has been affected by your generator supplier who should be contacted if you require the code. All protections remain active if the engine is running while the running editor is entered. Press and hold the button to enter the running editor. The unit is adequately cooled and all the wiring to the module is of a standard and rating compatible with the system.

Check the DC supply. Check the DC fuse. Check sensor and wiring paying gauges particular attention to the wiring to terminal 47 refer to appendix. Check that sensor is compatible with the series module and that the module Fail to stop alarm when engine is configuration is suited to the sensor. Using Belden or equivalent cable allows for the expansion cable to be extended to a maximum of 1.

DSE Stock and supply Belden cable. DSE Part Number For full details of any applicable warranty, you are referred to your original equipment supplier OEM. Page This page is intentionally blank Page Prendido cuando el generador necesita estar con carga. Parte No. El generador para. Tipo de alarma reportada por la ECU Este es el evento 1 de un total de 50 eventos registrados. Esta actitud evita el desgaste excesivo del motor.

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