Que no se nace con la enfermedad, pues es una enfermedad que se manifiesta durante el desarrollo del paciente. En este orden de ideas algunos de los consejos son:. Limitar la cantidad de comida administrada a los cachorros, principalmente entre los 3 y 8 meses. De notar esto diremos que es Ortolani positivo y nos quedaremos convencidos de que existe laxitud articular.

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Que no se nace con la enfermedad, pues es una enfermedad que se manifiesta durante el desarrollo del paciente. En este orden de ideas algunos de los consejos son:. Limitar la cantidad de comida administrada a los cachorros, principalmente entre los 3 y 8 meses. De notar esto diremos que es Ortolani positivo y nos quedaremos convencidos de que existe laxitud articular. Si se siente que la cabeza femoral se desplaza cuando la cadera es lentamente adducida, entonces el test es positivo.

Esta es una labor. Cuando le das mucha cuerda Se que el mundo del perro deportivo es conocedor de esto que voy a decir, pero se que mucha gente no!! Los perros de trabajo, con altos instintos de presa suel Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Juan Carlos Garces. Castillo Luis. Information about Page Insights Data. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by Juan Jose Venites. Cuando cruzas un pastor con um demonio de tasmania.

Con todo esto, podemos distinguir entonces dos tipos de situaciones: 1-La primera es la del cachorro o perro joven que se presenta con debilidad o cojera del tercio posterior asociado a laxitud articular y microfracturas. Esta es una labor compleja que debe ser realizada por un especialista. Posted by Shi Vera. Shi Vera added a new video to the album: Gatos traviesos.

Como marchan los perritos. Continue Reading. The high relationship between the health of the German Shepherd and his fur allows you to easily evaluate his health level and quickly detect if you suffer from any disease or nutritional deficiency.

Two elements are the main ones involved in the vitality and health of the German tushepherd hair and these are hormones and seasons. During the hair mute or "fight" German Shepherds change hair, this mute is presented twice a year the first in March - May, giving way to spring hair, this layer of hair is light and less dense, which allows better ventilation and freshness for dogs. The second mute is between the months of September - November this mute step to winter hair that I see is the most beautiful fur that the German Shepherd has during the year, this winter hair is longer and dense than spring I love you so much This winter hair layer in the German Shepherd provides you with insulation against the cold weather and allows you to preserve your body temperature more efficiently.

Many people are alarmed to see that their dog pulls large tufts of hair and immediately think their dog is sick, but this is not the hair mute or "fights" in German Shepherds is normal and tells us in turn that our dog is healthy. Hormones play a central role in the quality and beauty of your German Shepherd's hair, the changes of luminosity in the different seasons of the year stimulates its pineal gland which is an endocrine gland that secrets hormones and these in combination with sexual hormones send impulses of activity to skin cells.

These stimuli are responsible for your dog German Shepherd losing a lot of hair before entering their period of heat or heat, so many of my breeding females who mate after the fight present beautiful hair almost at the end of pregnancy, without a doubt the most beautiful hair of a German Shepherd's hair is the one that presents at the end of pregnancy! And thanks to the effect of hormones that are abundant at that reproductive stage.

If you are a owner concerned about how much hair your dog loses or if you are a rookie owner this data will help you calm your nerves! A German Shepherd has two layers of hair, that's why you read or hear that the dog has double layer of hair and whether your German Shepherd is long or short hair both have a short, dense and soft inner layer of hair glued to its skin and a second outer layer of hair that is longer and tougher, that layer of hair is the one we all see in our dogs.

Now it's time for me to pull out the calculator to calculate how much hair your dog has and how many grams of it will lose a year during his two hair mute. A German Shepherd has about 15 to 35 grams of hair per kilogram of body weight, obviously this parameter is influenced by sex, age, health status and reproductive period but overall that's the range. So if your dog weighs 35 kilograms he will have between to 1, grams of hair on both layers of hair and when your dog changes hair that will be the amount you will have to withdraw until there is not a single one left hair from the previous season.

I want here to explain that the skin of your German Shepherd is more delicate, thin and less dense than your skin, for this reason for your dog it is very important to have a healthy and clean fur as this is the natural barrier that protects it from the dehydration and also allows you to keep your body temperature stable.

I already explained the importance of the seasonal and hormonal factors that intervene in the quality of your German Shepherd's hair layer, now I will mention the two elements that complement the equation. And these are Nutrition and Genetic Heritage Let's start with nutrition because in my way of seeing is the most important element and it is also the only one that is totally in our hands, that is you will agree with me that you and I can do little to change the seasons of the year or to alter The operation of our dog s' endocrine glands, we can't modify the composition of our dogs DNA either, right?

But what if we can do is give them the healthiest, natural and most suitable nutrition for them. What's the best nutrition for my German Shepherd? Helmut Meyer taught me that " Dogs behavior, the look of hair layer and the consistency of feces is a direct proof that tells you about the quality of a food Owners can easily see on their dog's skin and fur if the quality of the food they give it is the right one.

Healthy skin must be firm, stretchy, soft and hair looks glowing. Rough and dry skin, a layer of rough hair, without glitter, unless due to health problems, is due to inadequate composition and quality of food Meyer, H. Stuttgart: Ulmer Skin dryness problems, brittle hair, pale colors, hair without glitter, continuous itching as well as the continuous licking of body parts or a bad smell of the hair layer are indicative that your German Shepherd is suffering the consequences of a Inadequate nutrition.

As I have already said the symptoms I wrote to you above may be for your vet unspecific symptoms, that is not characteristic of a single disease. However scientific studies focused on skin problems in dogs indicate that it can be assumed that if a clinically healthy dog has poor quality of unsatisfactory skin and hair is indicative that it is NOT properly fed, this reinforces the concept that the fur of a German Shepherd is the clear reflection of the quality of his diet.

I only use and recommend Biologically Appropriated Raw Food, as the natural raw diet has shown that not only provides essential nutrients for the development of the dog's organs but being the original diet of the dog, stimulates the functioning of its hormones and its carnivorous metabolism which will be reflected in well pigmented hair and with beautiful glow and health. Finally leave you some recommendations for your German Shepherd to have healthy hair. A healthy German Shepherd who jogs under the rays of the afternoon sun is an impressive show, the very presence of your dog with its healthy and bright fur will brighten people and make you proud to own a healthy German Shepherd and happy.

Colombia The last male of the litter. This content isn't available right now. When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted. See More.


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