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Pulley block Pulley block. Pulley block for safe lifting and exact positioning of diverse loads. Anything but readymade — There are too many factors influencing pulley blocks in order to get them into a standardised modular system. This can only be tackled by experience and know-how when it comes to hoist drive classes, lifting capacities and classifications — and perfectly adjusted to your case of application!

Sturdy — high-quality pulleys in solid body. Maintenance-friendly — easy to disassemble, pulleys mounted on an anti-friction bearing can be regreased by the axis. Standard design. Suspension By one or more rope sheaves. Operation By existing crane control. Supply Without electrical control, completely wired up the Harting plugs for the connection to the crane electrics.

Works certificate for forged load hooks. Additional options. Unlimited slewing range. Electromechanic safety catch The catch at the load hook is activated by an electric cylinder. With safety switch-off against operating error. Frequency converter for soft-start Geared motor equipped with frequency converter.

Recommended for turning sweeping and heavy loads. Battery-powered Two exchangeable battery blocks, with digital display of voltage and rest running time, approx. Plug connection for lifting devices Plug connection positioned at the bottom for the connection of an electrically operated lifting device. Manufacture also according to customer's requests With heat protection sheet, cable strain relief or a splash-proof design etc.

Just ask us! Description Download. Custom-made solutions. Pulley block with integrated weighing system With large sized digital LED-display. Carrying capacity 17, kgs. Good to know. Useful information on this lifting device Limited slewing range is important for lifting devices! Therefore limitation of the slewing range or an integrated slip ring assembly for energy and data transmission is compulsory.

Free choice of load hook? However, the strength class determines the crane hook size in addition to the load capacity. Generally speaking it can be said that with a strength class one notch higher, the load hook gets one size smaller. Example: A load capacity of 16, kg can be achieved with a crane hook no. Hook safety catch — a must-have? Often they cannot be engaged and disengaged very easily because the loads make it more difficult to reach the load hook. Electromechanically operated hook safety catches are easier and above all safer for the user see additional options.

Heat and cold? They can be used in hotter and colder temperatures but we need you to give us the exact load temperature and the time spent on the lifting device. Hot loads or the use of the device in foundries are usually not a problem with the right material and an optimised design providing heat protection! Qualified production!

In very good hands…thanks to certified welders! Useful information on the crane Crane data — nothing works without it! The crane classification, its lifting speed and the mechanism group are important factors for the design of the pulley block! The cable also determines the number of pulleys and their dimensions as well as the reeving of the rope pulley spacing. Petersburg Tel. Building 1, No.

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Crane Hooks and Equipment DIN 15402 Double Rim Crane Hooks

With more than years of experience we can answer all the relevant questions about lifting equipment. We always have the right solution, onshore and offshore, from heavy-lift to subsea-lifting. Last year one of our employees started to initiate a program which is intendet to help to fight cancer. Through our social responsibility a lot of our employees feel committed to help. With the DKMS - Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei we started a typification campaign to register voluntary employees in the steam cell donation database. We are very proud of our employees and especially the initiator of this project.


DIN 15402-1:1982-11



DIN 15402-1



Pulley block


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