Our online and instructor-led courses teach you how to install, configure, tune, and maintain a complete Asterisk system. Certifications are also available, allowing you to bring a new skill set to your career or company. The Asterisk Essentials Training video course is designed to rapidly guide a new user through the installation and basic configuration of Asterisk. Key telephony concepts are introduced, explained, and implemented.

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All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sign In or Register. Sign In Register. Digium-Certified Asterisk Professional.

To pass the dCAP exam, it is recommended that you have read Asterisk: The Future of Telephony by O'Reilly, have actual working knowledge of setting up and maintaining an Asterisk servers and systems. Who have taken this exam? May Its non-Cisco! CallManager Rules! Off Topic!!

That said -- it does seem to be something to do if you are an Asterisk Consultant to differentiate yourself from all the other Asterisk experts.

From the Cisco side, if you had the certification and kept a straight face you might be better able to "convince" your customers they really are better off spending the big bucks for CallManager. Showing Customer considering Asterisk the web site where it says part of the certification is learning the stable versions of Asterisk? Twitter LinkIn. Asterisk and aheeva are very good software. I do like Call manager, but its too expensive.

But again, its too expensive, its a good product its but too expensive. And you'll still need CCVP-level consultant do do it correctly. Not to mention the continuous patching and security risk if of having more Windows boxes to manage. July We are implementing asterink and aheeva to manage a call centre, nad so far im very hapy with asterisk, like most of the open source solutions you can do everything you want with linux.

August October Im reading about centrify and sounds liken an interesting solutions, i will give it a shot soon. An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made. ITdude Member Posts: 1, You can use cheaper or free solutions, but when you run into a major issue not an addministrator mistake, but a real hard or software issue its nice to have the support Cisco provides.

I usually hang out on Leonardo da Vinci. I'm not married with open source solutions neither with vendor solutions. The support for bugs and incompatibility, takes the same thing to be solved than a new stable version to be released. For example dan bernstein DNS or qmail server has not released a patch in years because of the stability. How often cisco or MS releases a patch or service packs?. I love cisco catalyst and active directory, but i wouldn't say that a vendor solution is better just because you are paying.

It is not better just because you are paying. It's better because of the support. Any problems I've had with any equipment Cisco has always had a solution in a decent ammount of time. If you use open source who is going to give you support? A lot of people don't add things like this into the budget.

If you buy a cheap system with cheap or no suporrt you will probably end up replacing the whole thing out of pocket if a hardware issue arises. Just keep things like warrenty and service agreements in mind when you do your budget. December Good day ladies and gentlemen, I'm honoured to be posting for the very first time.

Yes, it's true, Cisco is a great product and I'm certified myself. I have read their book, and I am reading it for the second time and I must say the content is awesome. For the fact that it is built on an open source OS, its a bonus. Before we jump into conclusion, I'd suggest we do thorough research and stop being stereotype, and for the record some companies make it close to impossible for Cisco certified engineers to score a job.

There's no need to put one vendor on pedestals and the other in a pit. Just a wake up call, and by the way I'm also pro-Cisco and was first certified in , so I know the product well But when it comes to PBXs, Asterisk rocks and its free Well, you are replying to an eight year old thread.

Obviously a lot has changed with vendors in that time. The key point remains though. If you need world class products with world class service you probably don't want to go with a free product with minimal support. Since this post was brought up, I offer asterisk service as part of my product portfolio.

My 2 cents. For simple companies key word simple not size , asterisk is a great phone system if install by competent staff. I have installed a few asterisk systems in my data center and they are pretty much hands off for the simple companies I mentioned.

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