Despite her success as a dramatist and her forays into poetry, she is best known for her work in narrative literature, with the force of her style and the richness of her diction being especially noted. Her first published book was the collection of poems Lo cant dels mesos The Song of the Months Albert had other vocations as well: she was a drawer, a painter and a sculptor. It seems that as her literary career began to take off, she left her artistic aspirations behind. In her book entitled Drames rurals rural dramas was published and the mystery of her pseudonym began to bring her fame. Using her pen name as a shield, she could write whatever pleased her, without any moral limits.

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Toggle navigation. Kuzemkino we can help you if you came here to download pdf. Drames rurals abouco2. Registres linguistics Silvia Montals. A la narrativa curta, els modernistes van utilitzar una gran diversitat d'estils i de tendencies estetiques. A Drames rurals, Victor Catala va optar pel determinisme cosmic tragicament intens. En canvi, a Les multituds, Raimon Casellas utilitzava el tractament monografic de l'enfrontament de l'individu amb la massa social.

Drames rurals, Dramas Rurales en castellano publicado , es una compilacion de doce cuentos de la autora Caterina Albert i Paradis, con el apodo de Victor Catal drames rurals llibre pdf June 15, By admin 0 comments Her popularity grew with the publication of her prose works: Drames rurals , a collection of short stories, and Sol it ud Lo llibre nou, poetry 1.

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