I'm 13, but I'd prefer you not to judge me on that. If you are uncomfortable with me reading your fanfic's, tell me and I'll stop. I don't read innappropriate content for my age, I skip those chapters. Umm, I'm not vey interesting, so I won't say more about myself, but if you ever wanna talk, feel free to PM me ;. My account name before was Jessie-Colleen-Cullen, but I changed it as I realised you can't comment on funny anti-twilight fanfics without being hated. Upon their discovery of his self harm and an eating disorder his family relocate to Forks where Edward meets Bella Swan.

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Discussion in ' Almost Recommended ' started by Zeitgeist , Jun 9, Many forums are only accessible if you have an account.

Why don't you register? Jun 9, 1. ExB Status: Complete Summary: Recovering from a serious illness, Edward knows what it is to be invisible but obvious to everyone around him. Bella, who has watched a loved one die of protracted illness, understands the tightrope-act of life in an unpredictable body. Alienated by his disease, Edward finds a friend in Forks' newest resident. The only problem is that she sees far more than anyone else does — including the things he doesn't want seen.

What's more humiliating? Admitting that I perused through some Twilight fanfiction, or admitting that I'm familiar enough with the Twihard world to even recognise their fanfiction? Just lost over respect points. So I don't know half the characters that appear in this fanfic. But something about this fanfic just clicked for me. Somehow, the author made Mary-Sue! Bella into a veritable bitch by shoving a spine up her back. And MrPerfection! Both of characters, in contrast to their "perfect" canon counterparts, are annoyingly flawed.

In fact, all the usual Twilight dynamics have been flipped. Bella's mother has a legitimate reason for avoiding her daughter, Charlie is a pain-in-the-ass, Jacob isn't a possessive twerp, etc. The reversal of roles has actually made this fanfic easier to read than Twilight.

Every bloody character in this fanfic is flawed. Most people aren't brave enough to tackle the age-old physical illness vs mental illness dilemma e. They didn't need strong drugs and harsh medicines, or surgeries or radiation treatments that burn the skin or whole new organs — they just needed to fucking swallow. Definitely not YA fiction like Twilight, or even a Picoult book. Cesca gives both viewpoints relatively equal weighting, and loves playing mindgames on the readers: When you think Bella is a bitch and sympathise with Edward, she freakin' flips the story, and you sympathise Bella and hate Edward.

Bloody fucking hell. I also really enjoyed the grittiness of the story. Edward's sexual encounter with Kate was incredibly painful to read, but made sense in the context of the story. Cesca definitely doesn't shy away from the turmoils of being in remission.

She know a lot about cancer, and she knows just when to pull away, because it's becoming overwhelming. The bad parts of the fanfic are mainly the confusing and slow start the first chapter is Edward's POV, btw. It takes a few sentences to grasp that and occasional over-angst from Edward. Readers have a threshold for angst, and sometimes it can get too much. Another facet that might turn some readers off and attract others is Bella. She is a bitch in this story, no doubt. Yes, she has a good excuse which you find out a bit too late in the fanfic , but her callousness will detract many readers.

Her contradictory behaviour also made me pull nails. She calls Edward "Uncle Fester", knowing how insecure he is about his body-image E's angst over how he was a "perfect, model student" Pre-Cancer is a major plot point , and then gives him soup. Mood swings? Then again, she actually has a spine in this story, unlike the travesty that was Twilight. And it's an interesting exploration of gender dynamics to see Edward being the pining one, instead of Bella at least initially.

And the final thing that would turn off most readers is the fact that this is Twilight fanfiction. Fucking Twilight. Yes, I hear you. Anyway, because of my RL bias and my like for the interesting flips applied to the Twilight mythos, I give this story a 4. But be warned, this is Twilight. It's definitely not for everyone. I'll go back into my cave now and flounder in humiliation. She's a little fanatic, giggling when Edward gets her a Pigwidgeon puppet for her birthday.

That little post-modern touch made me groan and chuckle. She doesn't appear until Chapter ish, but she's easily one of the better members of the supporting cast. She's bisexual with a mouth of a truck driver, who doesn't take crap from anyone. The lesbian kiss in Chapter 19 isn't a terrible addition to the fic. Last edited: Jun 9, Joined: Aug 4, Messages: Location: Lithuania. Jun 9, 2. Joined: Aug 8, Messages: 1, Jun 9, 3. What makes this even more humiliating is that you're a guy posting it.

And only DLP could get me to try a Twilight fanfiction, because no fool would be dumb enough to post a bad one in for review. The one thing that I saw as a bad sign for the over reviews it got. I figured that something this realistic, by what you say and not what I read, would be the antithesis of what a twilight fangirl would read. Apparently they may have more depth than we thought? No, because damn you were right about the angst. I got to the second chapter and could not go any further.

I will admit, that it is written well, technically, and the byplay between Edward and Bella actually kept me going as far as I did. But it was obvious the point of this is the romance, and one I not that invested in without a damn good plot behind it.

The angst in those opening chapters was choking. The self-depreciation, the woe is me, the repressed anger. All of it served as a vehicle to make Edward have pity by the reader. It didn't work for me I guess because I'm a cynical bastard.

The prose didn't exaggerate his symptoms at all, just dealt with it realistically Maybe it's explained later in the story, but he had cancer, just like my grandmother, so I'm not exactly talking out of my ass with this. She had to struggled, lost her hair, strength, etc. When she was 'napalmed' it was not every day. Every day was not a chore for her.

Somedays, the days of chemo, she be weak and could not eat much. Not everyday damn day like in this fic. She had high moments and low, Edward only had low points. Thus the author exaggerated the illness to make us feel sympathy for him. Fuck that. To make that worse, he's in fucking remission, which means his treatments would be farther apart. For my grandmother, it was every three months, then longer and longer. He should be growing his hair back and feeling better. Then again, maybe some treatments are like that, but my bullshit radar was flaring while reading.

Plus, who the hell would go to school feeling so sick all the time? That above is small beans, I've read more contrived shit than that and liked it. What got me was he was feeling so damn low, then this girl banters with him and helps him, though she's being a bitch, study once more. Note: How many others will now try to find twilight fanfiction for DLP approval? Jun 9, 4. Jun 9, 5. Okay, point one is that you lost your respect for having one of the gayest display pics I've seen in a while, and point two is that you had no respect to lose in the first place.

Normally I wouldn't straight dismiss a fic because of the fandom, but goddamn son, did you really think anyone on DLP would support this? Jun 9, 6. Joined: May 22, Messages: 3, Jun 9, 7. Jun 9, 8. So I wake up, go to my DLP and find What the fuck is going on?


Story Rec: Dead on My Feet

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Recovering from a serious illness, Edward knows what it is to be invisible but obvious to everyone around him. Bella, who has watched a loved one die of protracted illness, understands the tightrope-act of life on the edge. Full summary inside. Especially with angsty stories.


Hi Lady. Hi Raum, I was recently reading Dead on my Feet and was about to finish, only 50 pages or so left, when suddenly the online source that had Cesca's story stopped working and now I'm going crazy trying to find an alternate source but can't find it! Do you have any idea where I could find it? I have a mobi version for the Kindle which you can have. My email is paulinejon aol. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner.

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