I t was a typical day in my " nice guy " life Online "shopping" looking and hoping to find the woman of my dreams. Remember Myspace? Yeah, well that's where was that typical day started. Little did I know my "nice guy" attitude which wasn't getting me laid transcended into the digital world.

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I t was a typical day in my " nice guy " life Online "shopping" looking and hoping to find the woman of my dreams. Remember Myspace? Yeah, well that's where was that typical day started. Little did I know my "nice guy" attitude which wasn't getting me laid transcended into the digital world.

My profile was honest and upfront. I thought that would work online because she had to experience my wonderful personality first. David quickly showed me that what I thought was a sure winner, was being interpreted by women an entirely differently way It didn't really matter.

I browsed through profile after profile searching for a woman to love me and the really sad part was, I actually believed I was being "different" when in fact, a thousand guys a day were probably doing and drooling over same pictures I was. Some guy had copied and pasted one of David's Newsletters which you can read below on some woman's MySpace page.

You see up until then the only product on "getting laid" I had seen were born from cheesy 70's pickup movies taking place in some Disco Club.

AND none of his advice required me to do things I felt uncomfortable with because most of all, he truly respected women. I was hooked after a thousand words. His dating advice was never "do this or else" and it never really centered around just picking up women. It only took about three weeks of subscribing to his newsletter before I needed to get his material for real, study it, and immediately inject it in my life.

Within two weeks of putting his advice into practice I had this sweet nineteen year old falling for me and that was something I couldn't do since I was in college Within four weeks I was flirting with check out girls and walking away not caring whether she liked me or not.

Something I started after I became so good with women that other guys were coming to ME for advice. D avid DeAngelo gave me my first "wussy" slap I will always be grateful to him for doing it and no I'm not into "that" sort of thing if you know what I mean. He went down in the "trenches" to learn from the guys who were naturally gifted with women and from that developed the worlds most widely known and popular series on attracting women. Easy to follow advice which is consistent and perfectly packaged to best help you succeed as quickly as possible in all your goals with women:.

A ll have solid guarantees and easy payments plans. Get them all except Love the Final Chapter in the mega vault and save yourself literally a couple thousand dollars. O ne of the top questions I get asked is how to get a woman's info email, phone , etc and then follow up.

Anyway, once upon a time, I very WRONGLY imagined that it was impossible to walk up to a woman who was a complete stranger and have her just give her number to me. I started investigating lots of different kinds of tricks and techniques, from palmistry to handwriting analysis I figured that I had to somehow "distract" a woman from the fact that I was interested and wanted her number!

Ok, so, imagine this scenario. You have found a girl you like and chatted her up for a few minutes. Turning away, then turning back, basically demonstrates to a woman that you're OK with walking away without getting her number Feel free to just say, "Do you have email? I want to talk to you again" etc. And I get emails from guys of all ages who use this stuff to meet women of all ages Now, to be fair, from time to time I do get an email from someone who says "It sounds to me like you're suggesting to men that they act like jerks", etc.

It tells me that guys like that are just not familiar with David's materials, and they just don't get it. Using tools like attention or attention getting techniques, or techniques to disarm a woman a little bit so you can get past her barriers are not ever designed to bring a woman harm.

Attraction isn't concerned with you, her, or love. It's evolved over a loooong period of time, and it has a purpose that is very important. Buying women dinner and gifts, giving lots of compliments when you first meet a woman, and kissing up to women to get their approval are examples of "logical" things that SHOULD create attraction I will continually state that every woman who I have ever tried to convince to like me back was utterly repelled by my advancements.

And yet I kept on doing it over and over and over again. My thoughts were always, "Why won't she just admit she like me???!!! Luckily David came along and proved to me without a single doubt what attraction is, how it works, why it's there and HOW to make it happen.

The yes "Unbelievable instant results" I was getting was proof and since he was showing me in an authentic genuine ethical way, I devoured every word and so I'm once again passing his knowledge on to you. Choose which answer you believe is correct and in the next letter and reminder I'll reveal the right answers. Act unselfishly. Act selfishly. Buy dinners and gifts.

Have her cook, etc. Ask her to decide. Always decide for her. David DeAngelo literally "wrote the laws" on creating success with women and dating and if you don't know what they are, it's no wonder to me why you're failing. He's actually come up with 77 "laws" for creating success with women and dating Become Mr. You've never dared to start a conversation with the kind of woman I like to call a Total 10" I'm talking about the kind of woman who's so smoking hot, she literally drops jaws and turns heads when she walks by.

And they weren't Donald- Trump rich, either -- if they were, they wouldn't be hanging out at the bars and parties that I could afford. These guys weren't super handsome or filthy rich -- yet here they were, getting the hottest women in the room. As soon as one of these guys would start a conversation with one of these hot women, she'd start to smile at him. Since these guys weren't rich or handsome, their success with women MUST come from some other place. It must be coming from what I call their "inner game" You always knew that there were steps you could take in your life In other words Maybe you just turned around and walked away because you couldn't get the courage together to talk to her in the first place.

You'll always feel strong, cool, and calm And like I said, you won't believe it I shook off the chains of believing that people women in particular would react to me in negative ways I could suddenly approach mind-blowing "Total 10" women anywhere I could make them laugh and twirl their hair for me I could get women's numbers FAST without missing a beat.

I could get more dates with them than I had time for. Once you've reprogrammed your thinking and broken the chains that have been holding you back You see, everything I told you about in steps 1 and 2 is about that "inner game" And the truth is, once you've eliminated the fears and failures that you carry with you because of your past You'll think and act in a calm, clear way that shows women you don't need to beg them to like you or seek their approval. No matter how "smoking-hot" or "super-smart" she is.

Once you've met a woman that you REALLY like, if you want to keep it going with her, you must know how to change your behavior as your interactions progress. You see, it's a long journey from "clueless wussbag" to the kind of man who can get his dream woman Yet even guys who have it all "dialed in" when it comes to getting dates run into SERIOUS trouble when they go for something more substantial for the longer term.

They have no clue how to graduate from the "approaching women" phase If you're serious about all this That's why I decided to pull out all the stops on this one I've named this emergency, step-by-step home- training " Man Transformation ", and I have to tell you, I'm incredibly proud of this program. I'm talking about my most powerful and advanced program EVER here The 1 place to start removing your emotional blocks and turbo-boosting your confidence on the way to becoming the real man with massive new success that you were born to be.

He has have gotten so many questions about how to use this technique, that he actually took the time to create an entire video program on the topic. He calls the program "Cocky Comedy" - and it's the most powerful education available on how to use humor to create attraction.

Think about most of the things that people laugh at And he would like to teach you how to create and release tension Do this every time and watch the results. She only has 3 which makes learning them easy.

From her body language, sexual interest, to when she wants a kiss and even further to the bedroom. Dave here I like the way you communicate, it makes me think. I am what I call a thinker, meaning I am always consciously thinking about something, usually a project or a future project how to proceed about things. Right now she is looking pretty good. If you want to feel free to use this letter. Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen.

DiaLteG TM started as a way to help you become better with women and more attractive.


David Deangelo: Group Tactics

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Power Sexuality

I would hear stories about the other guys in my high school hooking up with the attractive girls… and, over time, I just got the point where I accepted the idea that those guys must have something special about them that attracted women in a sexual way. My desire was always there… hoping… waiting… praying for a chance opportunity to be with one of these seemingly out-of-reach beauties I saw all around me. Now that I look back on it, I realize that the frustration that came from my belief that I would never be successful with women… combined with my growing desire to be with one of these women… together, these beliefs ruled my mental world. I basically had no idea that I had the word desperate written in big bold letters on my forehead. All of a sudden, I felt like she not only knew what I was thinking, but she was probably disgusted by it and wanted to get away from me! In total, I spent around ten years of my adult life in this rat maze, trying to find the secret door… and only running into one frustrating situation after another.


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