Account Options Connexion. Meilleurs classements. Tout public. The Rescue Lens app for Android, now with audio, allows support agents to use the camera on your Android device to see what you are seeing. Show them the problem in a live support session and let them walk you through the steps for resolution. To use this application you must be receiving support from an agent who is using Rescue Lens.

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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. IT Support: Building a Mobile Office LAN Many mobile workers use their laptop in the office while connected to their company's shared resources file servers, network printers, mail servers, etc. But if a user moves away from the local network, he will no longer be able to access these resources. Software that is configured to work inside the office becomes useless outside the office.

As a result, network configurations can remain unchanged. Tip: Hub-and-spoke and gateway are the best networking modes for this scenario.

They can work from home and still access the resources they need. He can also manage other administrators in his organization, generate client activity reports, and manage network activity. The virtual IP address does not conflict with any other IP ranges and therefore has no impact on standard network communications. They differ mainly in network topology. About Mesh Networks In a mesh network, every member is connected to every other member.

Mesh is also the typical choice for gamers, because network games constantly have to broadcast their current status to all other participants in the game.

Figure 2: Mesh network Note: Mesh is the only network type that can be created directly from the Hamachi client interface. About Hub-and-Spoke Networks In a hub-and-spoke network, one or more computers act as hubs, while other clients connect as spokes. Spokes connect to hubs, but never to each other. Hub-and-spoke is typically used when a workstation spoke needs to connect only to servers hubs. Hub-and-spoke is ideal if you want strict control over connections between network members.

Figure 3: Hub-and-spoke network Important: If you set every member of a hub-and-spoke network to be a hub, you essentially turn the network into a mesh network. Similarly, if you set only spokes, your members will be unable to make a connection. Members of a gateway network, such as mobile workers, will see one computer acting as a gateway towards an entire LAN, thus making all network resources accessible. Characteristics The gateway network type is a hybrid of the meshed and hub-and-spoke network types.

Instead, the local address space is used. The commercial version offers fast relays, allows up to computers per network, and is subject to an annual subscription fee. The client will be attached to your LogMeIn account. The Add Client page is displayed. Click Continue.

The Add Client - Step 1 of 2 page is displayed. Click the download link. Follow all on-screen instructions. The client is installed on the local computer as an attached member of the active LogMeIn account. You will be able to manage this client using the LogMeIn website. Click Add New Link. Type a Description that you can use to recognize your installation link. For example, you may want to send the link to all users in an entire department.

In the Expiration field you may choose when you want the validity of the link to expire. Select the Network s that you want the client to be able to access. The recipient must click on the installation link to actually install the client on the chosen computer. Important: Do not log in to your LogMeIn account. Do not create a LogMeIn account. Tip: To update a client remotely, you must re-deploy the client. Under Configuration, select the Client Defaults tab.

Select an Interface Mode. Option Description Full The client will offer full functionality to end users. Restricted The client will offer a full graphic user interface, but client settings including the right to change certain settings locally can be defined on the web only. Minimal The client will offer no graphic user interface to the end user. Client settings can be defined on the web only.

For Restricted or Minimal mode, select the client settings to apply. Option Description Encryption Choose this option to provide extra protection against sniffing. For business use, we highly suggest using encryption. Use of this option may cause minimal extra CPU load for both sender and receiver. Compression Choose this option to speed up large data transfers. Compression is particularly useful on low bandwidth connections.

Can create new networks Allow the client to be used to create new mesh networks. Can join networks Allow the client to be used to join networks other than those assigned on the web. Keep chat logs Allow the client to store chat logs. Click Save. Settings will be applied to all new clients attached to this account. This procedure must be executed on the client.

Click Attach. Your relationship with the selected LogMeIn account will show as Pending. The Account Holder or administrator must approve or deny the request.

Once approved, the client can be managed using the LogMeIn website. How to Rename a Client 1. The All Clients page is displayed. On the All Clients page, click Edit next to the client you want to work with. The Edit Client page is displayed.

Select the Name tab and type a new Client name. If the client is online, changes are applied immediately.

If offline, changes are applied when the client comes online. Select the Networks tab. A list of available networks is displayed. Select the networks you want the client to be able to access.


Support Connection

Protect data on the host computer by setting the host to lock when remote control ends or is disconnected. Lock when connection has been lost Select this option to lock the host's operating system if the client disconnects during remote control. Lock when connection has been timed out Select this option to lock the host's operating system if the client connection times out during remote control see also. Windows remote desktop for the mac. Your settings are applied immediately to the host.


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One-time fee for a perpetual license-based on the number of technicians that use the software—end-points supported. Built-in support for smart card authentication and multiple encryption algorithms provide secure remote support across platforms. Provide remote support to computers inside and outside your corporate network Save time and manual effort for technicians in resolving service tickets Easily troubleshoot Windows computers using built-in system tools. Only one level of authentication that may be prone to security threats. If LogMeIn goes down, your remote support is down as well. Pour en savoir plus sur les cookies, consultez notre politique relative aux cookies. Toggle navigation.

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