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Skip to main content Citizen Watches Blue Angels. In Stock. Worth every penny. Zeidenberg Glen Echo, Md. But i eventually pulled the trigger figuring that if it didn't blow me away i would send it back. Well, i am not parting with this watch. After spending way too much time trying to figure out the instructions from the website, i finally called customer service and a very helpful woman walked me through the whole set-up process in about 15 minutes.

The watch gets a radio signal every night at a. Add to cart. In stock. Best in class! The world of watches is obviously subjective -- highly subjective, in fact -- and many will argue brands and features and prices to no end, when really much of it amounts to mere personal opinion, versus true knowledge or industry expertise.

The fact of the matter is asking yourself what you want your watch to do, what you want it to look like while accomplishing those functions, and how much you are willing to pay, to get what you want. I was looking for a watch specifically for travel that can instantly change to different time zones.

I wanted good water resistance, solid lume for display in the dark, a chronograph and at least a date feature, if not date with day as well. A bonus would be a sapphire crystal. I wanted it to look stylish, have some distinction to it, and not cost an arm and a I really like this watch. I really do. It has tons of functions and it looks amazing as well. I am a chef so I use timer and alarm the most. One of my favorite feature about this watch is that unlike many other digital watch I.

Lower end Casio you do not push buttons set timer or alarm. You rotate the watch stem either clock or counter clock wise to set it. Not only it is faster to change but also it allows you to go back instead of pushing down button all the way around if you made a mistake while setting it. However, I still have some other issues with digital display. First it is very hard to read in low light condition. I understand that negative display looks better than positive display but at the same time it is so much harder to read it in a It looks amazing, has a sapphire crystal and micro adjustment on the bracelet.

However it is th bracelet that is a total miss. It has very sharp edges and is just not comfortable over the course of a day. I take it off several times throughout the day and it feels like a sense of relief.

The bracelet could also use a half link so that you can get the fit just right. The micro adjustment works but without the half link you might wear it too tight for summer and humidity or too loose the rest of the time. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

I lost my 2nd Generation Skyhawk this year after owning it since My friend bought me this one for my birthday and I love it! I love that this watch has a back light, especially for being solar powered. The markers luminescent paint stay "charged" for a while. When i wake up and it's pitch black, I can make out the markers with my eyes still dilated. The alarm is a lot louder than my Gen 2 Skyhawk.

Cons, I have 2. On my Gen 2 Skyhawk, I was able to switch modes just by turning the crown. On this model, you have to pull the crown out one click to change modes. Currently unavailable. Very nice, comfortable, sophisticated, self-setting. Replaces my old one a Titanium Blue Angels Skyhawk which lasted faithfully some 13 years, until one of the push-buttons fell off it still works, but is harder to set the time. Was torn between this one and the new functionally similar Blue Angels edition, but this one won me over because of the numbered Limited Edition Super Titanium: the Blue Angels edition is now in a stainless steel finish rather than titanium.

See All Buying Options. The Nighthawk has been around a long time. It's a good quartz watch, and reviews of it are plentiful both here and elsewhere. As of this writing, the stated size is 18mm. That is incorrect. The correct size is 22mm. I lost my Navihawk a few months ago. It was an awesome watch and I was thinking to buy it again until I came across this one. This one is better than the Navihawk! The blue angels color scheme is great.

The bezzel design is better than Navihawk since you can rotate the bezzel itself. Besides the looks it has the same features as the Navihawk. I like having my calendar on there. There are other features but these are the ones I use the most. Definitely not bad enough to take away a star. The stock strap is not nice though. I would've given it 5 stars if not for the blue strap. The strap is not the same color hue as the watch. It is a pale blue and looks old. It is also stiff.

If you can spare a few more dollars for the metal bracelet, I recommend you to get that instead. I am replacing this stock strap immediately. The watch itself is a beauty. I liked the navy blue hue. If you ask me, the extra bucks for this color combination is worth it. It is a great looking watch and fits well on my wrist. It does have a larger face, which I like, but others may not. There are only 4 modes on this watch, and they are all repeated on the mode selection dial bottom black face , thus there appears to be 8 modes.

The slide ruling being under the glass is also nice, because the numbers will not scratch off unlike other models with the outer slide rule ring on the bezel. Setting the time, date, etc is not intuitive, so be sure to read the manual for this operation. Also, the glass is flat on this model and not convex like other models.

Hope this helps someone. Bottom line I like this watch. This is my 5th Citizen watch Why 5, I just like these watches. I have had them for over 35 years and all are still running. This one the CBL is impressive.

Very light but not overly large on my wrist. Looking forward to many years As a frequent traveler, having a reliable world time watch is essential. The Citizen is near perfect in almost every regard. It is easy-to-read, attractively styled, and easy-to-use once you get the hang of it. The radio control works reasonably well in most of the world's major cities.

Outstanding features include total control over summer time in each timezone, with the option to use auto settings according to the time signal or manual for areas that don't use summer time or if the time signal is not available. The Eco-Drive lasts for months on a full charge, which I accomplish overnight under a Solarex desk lamp. Although Citizen has models optioned with every possible feature, the only has those you need: Eco-Drive, second time zone, auto or manual summer time for each time zone, radio control in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, and China, rapid time zone selection, Stock band gives it a certain look.

I didn't prefer the stock band that it came with so I got a black divers band. The stock band is very flashy looking if your into that. I'm a big fan of the ecodrive technology; so much; I refuse to look at other brand watches as I don't like the hassle of changing batteries or servicing a timepiece.


Citizen u680 User Manual

Chat With Us Please reach us via email, offline chat, or contact us form. How to set up your Citizen Eco-Drive radio controlled watch:. My watch is set to the wrong city, how can I change it? Pull the crown out to the first click Rotate the crown to select the desired city by slowly rotating the crown. Once the correct city is selected, gently push the crown back in and the watch will resume with the selected cities time.


Citizen Watches Blue Angels

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Watch Citizen U70 series Owner's Manual 32 pages. Page 2 Thank you for your purchase of this Citizen watch. Before using the watch, read this instruction manual carefully to ensure correct use. After reading, be sure to store this manual in a safe place should it be needed for future reference.


Citizen Radio Controlled Caliber E650

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Access the Setting Instruction Manual for your particular Citizen watch in one of two ways:. Referencing the diagrams below, locate and enter the movement Caliber Number on your watch's caseback in the entry field on this page, then click or tap "Get Instructions". Note that movement Caliber Numbers typically comprise four digits, starting with a letter e. Enter your watch's model number directly into the site search bar "Search Product" field to be directed to your watch's product page; Setting Instructions can be found in the "Features" section of the page. Note that model numbers contain 2 letters, 4 digits, a hyphen, 2 more digits, and a letter e.

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