Paige is the adopted daughter of Mr. Matthews , and the biological daughter of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder. She's also the wife of Henry Mitchell. Paige was left at a local church shortly after her birth, by her bio parents, subsequently adopted by her parents. She met her maternal half-sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell , in after the death of her eldest half-sister Prue Halliwell. As the daughter of a witch and a Whitelighter , Paige is the Charmed One with the most powers, despite being the youngest and last sister to come into her Charmed legacy.

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Paige is the adopted daughter of Mr. Matthews , and the biological daughter of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder. She's also the wife of Henry Mitchell. Paige was left at a local church shortly after her birth, by her bio parents, subsequently adopted by her parents. She met her maternal half-sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell , in after the death of her eldest half-sister Prue Halliwell. As the daughter of a witch and a Whitelighter , Paige is the Charmed One with the most powers, despite being the youngest and last sister to come into her Charmed legacy.

Her powers include telekinetic orbing , orbing , healing , and the ability to generate an Orb Shield. Additionally, she also possesses the basic powers of a witch : The ability to cast spells , brew potions , scry for lost objects or people, and divine for information, along with other typical Whitelighter-powers.

Furthermore, Paige can access the Power of Three , the collective power of the Charmed Ones that enhances their powers. Besides her duties as a Charmed One, Paige is a full-time Whitelighter and works as a recruiter for Magic School when new witches come into their powers. Paige was born on August 2, , to Patty Halliwell. Also unlike her sisters, Paige was born with inactive Wiccan gene due to the prophecy of the Charmed Ones only consisting of three sisters, with three distinctive powers.

Patty initially wanted to keep the baby and raise her along with Prue , Piper , and Phoebe , however, in those days, it was not only forbidden but unthinkable for a witch and a Whitelighter to be romantically involved. By this time, Patty and her mother, Penny , had known for at least two years that Patty's daughters were destined to become the Charmed Ones ; witches destined to be bestowed with great power and the duty to protect the innocent.

Penny feared that the Elders would deny the girls their birthright if they ever found out about Patty and Sam's affair. Patty and Sam decided to give the baby up for adoption. The day Paige was born, Patty and Sam orbed to a local church and left her with a nun called Sister Agnes. They asked that she would find her a good home. Additionally, Patty had one more request for people who would adopt her, that her name started with a P.

Not long after, Patty was killed by the Water Demon. This gave her a chance to look over Paige for the first time. Patty noticed that her wishes were granted, Paige was being raised in a good home by the Matthews. Paige was given a normal life by her adopted parents. At one point in her life, she met Philip Lewicky who gave her a bracelet and became her first love.

In her eighth grade graduation, Paige was supposed to sing the school song in front of eight hundred people, when the time arrived, Paige froze, ran out and missed her own graduation, it turned out to be the worst day of her life all her friends laughed at her and a guy named Bobby Maynard dumped her. But when Paige came into her teens, she started to hang out with the wrong friends and began drinking, smoking, skipping classes, and disobeying her parents.

At some point during her rebellious stage, Paige was drinking with her friends and got behind the wheel while drunk, getting in a car accident. Paige and her parents hug. Around the age of seventeen, Paige's adoptive parents, Mr. Matthews , were killed in a terrible car accident.

From what she could remember, they didn't see the car that swerved into their lane. Paige survives, suddenly waking up on the pavement seeing the car totaled and on fire. It would be revealed to Paige after she became a witch that she had subconsciously orbed out of the car. After the death of her parents, Paige changed her attitude drastically; she stopped smoking and drinking, and also started to study harder. She was accepted to UC Berkeley for good grades and a well-written essay on the death of her parents.

She later graduated with a degree in social work. Light emerges from the chandelier when Paige and Piper shake hands. One year before the death of Prue Halliwell , Paige started to go to P3 as she felt a connection to the Halliwells. Phoebe and her boyfriend Cole Turner went to check on Paige, trying to save her from Shax. When he attacked, Phoebe and Cole saw Paige orbing.

After they rescued her they told Piper who summoned their grams and mother immediately. They explained Paige was their half-sister. Paige then arrived and met with her half-sisters at their home.

Upon shaking hands with Piper with Phoebe clutching to Paige's arm , the chandelier above them began to glow and shine a blue light just like it did before when Phoebe reawakened the powers of herself and her sisters. Paige is in shock when vanquishing Shax with her half-sisters. Shortly after that moment, Shax came bursting in through the front doors and knocked the sisters away.

Piper and Phoebe grabbed Paige and ran upstairs while Leo distracted Shax. In the attic , Piper and Phoebe ordered Paige to cast the vanquishing spell with them and thus revealed she was a witch. Paige did what her sisters told her to do and saw to her amazement how the monster in front of her eyes blew up. Shocked and in disbelief, Paige ran off to her boyfriend Shane , who was at the hospital.

The Source , in Shane's body, attacking Piper and Phoebe. As Shax wasn't successful in killing Paige, the Source of All Evil decided to use the Window of Opportunity to turn Paige against her sisters and make her his servant. To achieve this the Source possessed Paige's boyfriend Shane and used his powers to lure Paige to evil. He posed as a father who abused his son [2] and convinced her of killing him by orbing his heart out of his body.

Paige tries but isn't able to complete thanks to her sisters, Leo , and Cole. After a little battle in which Paige discovered the Source's true nature, she finally joins to the good side just in time to help save Cole who was fatally stabbed by the Source. Paige was reluctant at first when she was asked to move into the manor. She felt that she would have no privacy after Piper and Phoebe had burst into her apartment.

A more important reason was that she felt that Piper and Phoebe only wanted her to move in to fight the demons and warlocks and all the other foes the sisters faced. The sisters vanquish the Shocker demon. After Piper and Phoebe made Paige feel like she was a part of the family, she moved in Prue 's bedroom.

Paige initially didn't move or take away much of Prue's stuff, as to respect her, but as time went on, she made the room her own. She had moved in all her painting-stuff and made it her atelier for a while. She took away all her paintings and materials after all the demon-fighting made her unable to paint in her free time. Shortly after moving in the room, the sisters celebrated the moving by vanquishing the Shocker demon , which had been attacking the manor for a few weeks at the time.

Paige cries after telling Phoebe and Piper on how she feels guilty for the death of her parents. One night, as Piper and Cole run to help a woman in a car wreck, Paige freezes in fear, recalling the events of her parents' death. Paige explains to Piper and Phoebe how she feels guilty for their death every day, because she survived, even though it shouldn't have been possible.

To help her, Leo calls in the help of a spirit who specializes in time travel; Clyde, who sends them to the early s. Paige pops into her teenage body on a school morning, arriving at the moment where she is caught smoking by her father. Paige realizes how horrible she was to her parents and how much she regrets her actions. She decides to change her attitude in the hope that it would save her parents from being killed, though Leo warned her to not mess with past events. However, as the day progresses, Paige is suspended from school for her rebellious behavior and discovers that she subconsciously orbed out of the car during the wreck.

Paige is devastated to have to watch the death of her parents a second time. Back in the present time, Paige explains what happened, and how she survived the accident, during dinner. Although she was happy to have seen her parents, she still wished she could see them again. At that moment, Leo walks in with a surprise for her. Suddenly two ghosts walk in, Paige's parents.

They embrace their daughter, saying they always knew she was a good person. Paige seemingly inherited Prue's distrust of Cole, believing that he had become a demon again. Ultimately, Paige was correct as Cole had been possessed by the Source of All Evil , and had taken Phoebe to be his queen.

Paige was left as the last sister standing as Piper consumed herself with guilt, blaming herself for losing Phoebe. After the defeat of The Source, the sisters were given the opportunity by an Angel of Destiny to retire from being witches. While Paige was against the idea, her sisters, who had been fighting evil longer and had lost more, were for it. After realizing how much good they do, to Paige's delight, the sisters decided to keep their powers.

Paige and Mr. Cowan hug as they say goodbye. Paige, who had recently become promoted from assistant to a social worker at her workplace is, however, reluctant to the idea. Thinking, she'll get more hours but won't have enough time to still fulfill her duties as a witch as she had recently decided to devote her life to the craft.

Confused, she ignores her first day of a social worker and concentrates on helping her older sister, Phoebe who had recently been turned into a mermaid due to her love for her former husband, Cole Turner. After Paige dealt with the problems of her sister and her ex-lover, she eventually decides that her duties as a witch are more important than her job as a social worker.

Paige quits and tells her boss she'll still be helping people, just not there. She hugs Mr. Cowan , thanking him for everything he had done for her. During her early years as a witch, Paige had a slight inferiority complex towards Prue. Paige was jealous by the fact that Prue was this powerful witch with a full-time job, but Paige, who quit her full-time job, [4] hadn't quite mastered the skills Prue had, culminating in feeling disappointed that she hadn't mastered Prue's Animal Conjuring Spell.

Besides this, Paige felt that she had to work extremely hard to become accepted by her sisters and tried to fill Prue's shoes. Barbas telling Paige she will never live up to Prue. Overall, Paige was able to overcome it once and for all when he attacked them head-on.


Paige Matthews

The character was created by executive producer Brad Kern as a replacement for lead character Prue Halliwell , following the departure of actress Shannen Doherty. Paige is introduced into season four as the fiercely independent younger half-sister of the show's remaining female leads, Piper Holly Marie Combs and Phoebe Halliwell Alyssa Milano. Like her sisters, Paige is a witch, and more specifically, a Charmed Oneā€”one of the most powerful witches of all time. Paige is introduced as the secret love child of the Halliwell sisters' mother Patty Finola Hughes and her whitelighter guardian angel Sam Wilder Scott Jaeck , making Paige both a witch and whitelighter. She was given up at birth and raised by her adoptive parents. At the beginning of season four, Paige goes on to help reconstitute The Charmed Ones by taking Prue's place in the " Power of Three ", following her death in the season three finale.


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