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AI Abbreviation for Application Identifier. The field at the beginning of an Element String that uniquely defines its format and meaning in the GS1 System. B2B i. Business to Business, intercompany exchange, that covers most of the links in a supply chain.

BtoB processes are the backbone of a new relationship with suppliers, making possible to create value through more information exchanges. Data exange concerning the sales forecasts, inventory turnovers, orders, receptions and sales.

Data Modeling Means to define the semantics the meaning of the data independently from the application that turned efficient in the elaboration of relational databases. To modelize a business function, it is necessary to analyze the data and identify the entities person and location of an object , their attributes features and the relations between these entities, and then to use a graphical syntax. There is a range of modeling methods, techniques and software. Data Recipient suscriber Stakeholder who requests or is about to receive the item sheet.

He generally is the supplier client Wholesaler, Retailer, catering companies, …. Data Synchronisation All the processes that lead the industrial to make right and updated data available to his partners.

DataSharing Point of Sale Data exchange service rate, on shelf availability, ready to sell, etc. Dematerialisation Action that aims at substituting the paper flow item sheet, order, despatch advice, invoice, Former name of GS1. Generally this person is the supplier manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter,… who owns or does not own the trademark. Identification standard of the individual articles used for the RFID. GCI GCI is the single unifying force that brings manufacturers and retailers together on a worldwide parity basis to simplify and enhance global commerce and improve consumer value in the overall retail supply chain.

It is a global user group, and its charter is to drive the implementation of GS1 standards and best practices. The globally unique GS1 System identification number for documents. The globally unique GS1 System identification number for a physical entity of any characteristics. The Individual Asset Reference is numeric or alphanumeric, and its structure is left to the discretion of the assigning company. The globally unique GS1 System identification number for legal entities, functional entities, and physical locations.

Basic Item and Party information is stored in the Registry and a pointer is provided to the appropriate Data Pool where more information about a specific Item or Party can be found. The GS1 Global Registry also facilitates the subscription process between retailers and suppliers.

A GS1 System standard for the classification of products. The globally unique GS1 System identification number for a reusable package or transport equipment of a certain value, such as a beer keg, gas cylinder, pallet, or create. GS Structured chain of alphanumeric characters representing one or more data of fixed or variable length, each data is preceded by its Application Identifier AI.

AI, structure and length of elements are defined by GS1. The term GS also designates the barcode which contains the data. It will first be used to encode GTIN on small items and will then be used to encode additional data for variable measure items weight, price, dates The procedures, methods, and practices that develop and maintain GS1 System standards. The globally unique GS1 System identification number for products and services.

The former designation ""Gencod"" remains in countries where French retailers operate. This code is the one that will be transformed into a barcode and exchanged in the e-business messages. Item Sheet Document or electronic message the generator of a product uses to supply his partners with all the information related to this product and the related logistics. Application used for item information management, that integrates data and workflow management" GS1 company prefix : A globally unique number assigned to companies by GS1 Member Organizations to create the identification numbers of the GS1 System.

Product Quality solution Data exchange quality product specifications, tests, analysis and results Promotions Management Collaborative management of the commercial events: promotional calendar, forecasts, orders, receptions. Reverse Auctions Negotiations of goods or assets through an on-line auction system.

ScoreCard Exchange of performance indicators with the suppliers. Generally, these indicators are related to the collaborative projects and measure the level of advance of the actions. International coding of traceability used in the GS1 system which makes it possible to identify in a single way every container, independently of its contents, which it is homogeneous or not. Standard Trade Item Grouping Group of trade units box, pallet, box pallet , that generally are consumer units.

To be described by an item sheet, a logistics units has to be standard, i. Target Market The Target Market is a geographical region based upon geographical boundaries sanctioned by the United Nations. There is one international system to describe geographical regions, the ISO code system.

In the context of data synchronization, the Target Market is the geographic location where the trade item is intended to be sold. Trade Item Any item product or service upon which there is a need to retrieve pre-defined information and that may be priced, ordered, or invoiced at any point in any supply chain.

A trade item is identified by a GTIN. Variable Measure Number A Restricted Circulation Number to identify variable measure products for scanning at point-of-sale. It is defined per GS1 Member Organization rules in the appropriate country. Data exchange related to the inventory, orders, receptions movements. Workflow Electronic management of processes, decision cooperative support that aims at optimizing and rationalizing the flows of information and work processes. WMS Warehouse Management System - Data exchange in order to work out collaborative transport projects: multipicking, multidrop, backhauling, ….

CarrefourNet, the supplier portal of Carrefour group, aims at offering more transparency on the processes and tools used to exchange information between Carrefour and its business partners. Data exchange related to the inventory, orders, receptions movements Workflow Electronic management of processes, decision cooperative support that aims at optimizing and rationalizing the flows of information and work processes.

BtoB Strategy. France Solutions. Belgium Solutions. Spain Solutions. Italy Solutions.


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