Our expertise in metallurgy, friction management and mechanical power transmission helps them accelerate improvements in productivity and uptime. We supply products and services that can help keep your operations moving forward, whether you need drive train kits for commercial vehicles, durable housings for bearings in dirty environments, couplings that avoid metal-to-metal contact between motors and gearboxes, repair services for rail bearings, steel for an aircraft engine shaft, For example, we offer repair services and equipment monitoring equipment that can alert you to problems before they impact your uptime. Additionally, we offer a broad selection of seals, premium lubricants, lubricators, couplings and chain to keep your operations moving smoothly. Timken engineers designed special housings to withstand tough challenges on the job.

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When you choose Timken, you receive more than high-quality products and services; you acquire a worldwide team of highly trained and experienced associates, eager to help you keep production rates high and downtime low. Whether it is a wheel assembly for a family vehicle, bearings outfitted for a deep-sea oil drilling rig, repair services for rail bearings or steel for an aircraft engine shaft, we supply the products and services you need that help keep the world turning.

Turn to us to stay ahead of the curve. We use our friction-management know-how to offer solutions that maximize performance, fuel-efficiency and equipment life. We also offer integrated services that extend well beyond bearings, including condition monitoring systems and services, encoders and sensors, seals, premium lubricants and lubricators.

Timkens wide range of friction management solutions can include evaluations of your entire system not just individual components. This provides cost-effective solutions to help you reach specific application goals. Working together, we help you meet these demands and ensure all your systems run smoothly. Technology that moves you Innovation is one of our core values, and were known for our ability to solve engineering challenges.

We focus on improving performance in the most difficult applications, and were passionate about creating technical solutions and services that help your equipment perform faster, harder, smoother and more efficiently.

To do this, we invest in:. Tools, including state-of-the-art laboratories, computers and manufacturing equipment. Our ongoing investment in research and development activities allows us to grow our capabilities, expand our product and service portfolio, and deliver value over the long term.

Were committed to finding new avenues for system sustainability. In the area of power density, were creating systems where we replace larger, more cumbersome components with smaller, more efficient bearings to help improve systems' performance. Wherever you're located, you can count on us at technology centers in North America and Asia - as well as in our manufacturing facilities and field offices on six continents - to develop ideas and resources to transform your concepts into reality.

We take pride in the quality of our work, and you gain the peace-of-mind of knowing that each box contains an industry-trusted product. As our founder, Henry Timken, said, Dont set your name to anything you will ever have cause to be ashamed of. With TQMS, we promote continuous quality improvements in our products and services to our global operations and supply chain networks.

It helps us ensure that were consistently applying demanding quality management practices throughout the company. We also register each of our production facilities and distribution centers to the appropriate quality system standards for the industries they serve. About The Timken Company The Timken Company keeps the world turning with innovative friction management and power transmission products and services that are critical to help hard-working machinery to perform efficiently and reliably.

For your convenience, size ranges are indicated in millimeters and inches. Contact your Timken sales representative to learn more about our complete line for the special needs of your application.

This publication contains dimensions, tolerances and load ratings, as well as an engineering section describing fitting practices for shafts and housings, internal clearances, materials and other bearing features. It can provide valuable assistance in the initial consideration of the type and characteristics of the bearing that may best suit your particular needs.

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this writing, but no liability is accepted for errors, omissions or for any other reason. Timken products are sold subject to Timkens terms and conditions of sale, including its limited warranty and remedy.

Please contact your Timken sales engineer with questions. Note Product performance is affected by many factors beyond the control of Timken. Therefore, the suitability and feasibility of all designs and product selection should be validated by you. This catalog is provided solely to give you, a customer of Timken or its parent or affiliates, analysis tools and data to assist you in your design.

No warranty, expressed or implied, including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, is made by Timken. Timken products and services are sold subject to a Limited Warranty. You can see your Timken engineer for more information. Timken guidelines for the shelf life of grease-lubricated rolling bearings, components and assemblies are set forth below. Shelf life information is based on test data and experience. The shelf life is a portion of the anticipated aggregate design life.

It is impossible to accurately predict design life due to variations in lubricant bleed rates, oil migration, operating conditions, installation conditions, temperature, humidity and extended storage.

Shelf life values, available from Timken, represent a maximum limit and assume adherence to the Timken suggested storage and handling guidelines.

Deviations from Timkens storage and handling guidelines may reduce shelf life. Any specification or operating practice that defines a shorter shelf life should be used. Timken cannot anticipate the performance of the grease lubricant after the bearing or component is installed or placed in service. For further information, please contact your Timken engineer.

Timken suggests the following storage guidelines for its finished products bearings, components and assemblies, hereinafter referred to as Products : kept in their original packaging until they are ready to be placed into service. Products should be stored in such a way that the packaging is not pierced, crushed or otherwise damaged. After a Product is removed from its packaging, it should be placed into service as soon as possible.

Do not use Product that has exceeded its shelf life as defined in Timkens shelf life guidelines statement. The storage area temperature should be maintained between 0 C 32 F and 40 C F ; temperature fluctuations should be minimized. The relative humidity should be maintained below 60 percent and the surfaces should be dry.

The storage area should be isolated from undue vibration. Extreme conditions of any kind should be avoided. Inasmuch as Timken is not familiar with a customers particular storage conditions, these guidelines are strongly suggested. However, the customer may very well be required by circumstance or applicable government requirements to adhere to stricter storage requirements.

Most bearing types are typically shipped protected with a corrosionpreventive compound that is not a lubricant. Such bearings may be used in oil-lubricated applications without removal of the corrosionpreventive compound.

When using some specialized grease lubrications, it is advisable to remove the corrosion-preventive compound before packing the bearings with suitable grease. Some bearing types in this catalog are pre-packed with general purpose grease suitable for their normal application. Frequent replenishment of the grease may be necessary for optimum performance. Care must be exercised in lubricant selection, however, since different lubricants are often incompatible.

When specified by the customer, other bearings may be ordered pre-lubricated. Upon receipt of a bearing shipment, ensure that the bearings are not removed from their packaging until they are ready for mounting so that they do not become corroded or contaminated.

Bearings should be stored in an appropriate atmosphere in order that they remain protected for the intended period. Failure to observe the following warnings could create a risk of death or serious injury. Proper maintenance and handling practices are critical. Always follow installation instructions and maintain proper lubrication.

Never spin a bearing with compressed air. The rollers may be forcefully expelled. Warnings for this product line are found in this catalog and posted on www. Any questions concerning shelf life or storage should be directed to your local sales office.

Improve your equipments performance and reduce your downtime and maintenance costs by turning to Timken tapered roller bearings. When you purchase a Timken bearing, youre investing in a product thats designed with you in mind. Expert craftsmanship, well-equipped production facilities and an ongoing investment in technology ensure our products are synonymous with quality and reliability. Our tapered roller bearings stand up to extreme situations, including high-corrosive, high-temperature, vacuum or lowlubrication environments.

Use Timken tapered roller bearings to help your equipment excel when it faces combined radial and thrust loads. Our bearings are uniquely designed to manage both types of loads on rotating shafts and in housings.

From single- to double- to four-row configurations to thrust, choose from nearly 26, product combinations to find the right bearing for your application. Design Features Each tapered roller bearing contains four interdependent components: the cone inner ring , the cup outer ring , tapered rollers rolling elements and the cage roller retainer.

Tapered angles allow our bearings to efficiently control a combination of radial and thrust loads. The steeper the outer ring angle, the greater ability the bearing has to handle thrust loads.

To provide a true rolling motion of the rollers on the raceways, the extensions of the raceways and the tapered surfaces of the rollers come together at a common point, the apex, on the axis of rotation. Product Offering We have the most extensive line of tapered roller bearings available anywhere in the world. Single-, double-, four-row and thrust options are available in sizes ranging from 8 mm 0.

Timken has the bearings to fit most applications, including yours. Refer to www. Contents of this catalog include:. For extreme environments, take advantage of our customization options. We can tailor geometries and apply engineered surfaces to help improve performance.

Timken tapered roller bearings effectively reduce friction and help transmit power in industries like:. Timken offers a wide range of bearing products for many different industries. A complete listing of our product catalogs can be found at www.

Quality Solutions At Timken, our brand stands for outstanding quality in everything we do, from product design and manufacturing to engineering support and distribution. We're the only bearing manufacturer in the world that makes its own steel. By using clean, high-alloy steel in our tapered roller bearings, we can help ensure the overall quality of our product.

We know how critical quality materials are to product performance. We also implement the Timken Quality Management System in every plant worldwide, so each bearing product meets the same high performance standards no matter where in the world it is manufactured.

Lubrication recommendations. This engineering section is not intended to be comprehensive, but does serve as a useful guide in tapered roller bearing selection. To view the complete engineering catalog, please visit www.


Catalogo Rolamento Conico Timken

C Combined Needle Roller Bearings C Drawn Cup Roller Clutches C Needle Roller Bearing Accessories The mating shaft and housing are normally used as inner and outer raceways. The unitized design allows for easy handling and installation.







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